• eBagatron

    Ok, cool. Now text each other about getting a mean beat to body. That song for the females is alright and all, but it's not what everyone wanted.

  • Newman

    even 16 year olds think this track is corny

  • Rezo

    It's a MIXTAPE song aka a throwaway, you're acting like it's a lead single off an album lol


    JCOLE x Jay Electronica x Jay Z


  • http://twitter.com/thetager Pornstar

    I'd let j. cole and drake gangbang me in the morning...

  • Steve

    Fuck "In The Morning". I want a J. Cole x Jay Elect collab.

  • Steve

    And the stand out cameo on FNL is on Enchanted.

  • Mohammed

    Agree with Steve...

  • George Clooney

    Maybe they needed Jamie Foxx to get on that shit to really spruce it up.

  • And Won

    J. Tool is wack as fuckkk

  • RSX

    In The Morning x Blow Up: 2 Best Tracks from Friday Night Lights

  • Johnny Quest Nigga

    Fuck this nigga J Cole dude is so overrated has this is what the game has really come to? Hyping up lame niggas? smh

  • Jacka$$

    ^ fuck you