The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me (Video)

blame it on Shake November 15, 2010

Directed by Matt Koza.

The first single off Phonte and Nicolay’s latest offering gets the visual treatment.

DOWNLOAD: The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me

  • DayO

    FE make that grown folks music.
    R&B i can fux with HEAVY!
    “Everything Must Go” needs a video!!!

  • Pops

    Another amazing album from The Foreign Exchange. Authenticity is the shit!

  • claire

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  • red

    Just found out about FE maybe two months but I’ve been hooked since then.

  • jay

    this shit is beautiful, i loved to direction of the video. Authenticy deserves a grammy.

  • Phonte sings like nobody’s business. Good music is in the building.

  • Cresecent Moon


  • Musikfiend


  • Wundrus


  • JaySole

    This is my joint. Very nice video too.

  • emanon

    Great song. Video is on some inception type shit, diggin.

  • Cupcakesss

    great album and amazing video!

  • SoCoolCurt

    new tigallo, new tigallo, new tigallo

    i find Foreign Exchange to be a little too R&B for me to listen to on the regular but the tracks are usually solid for every now and then. this joint is smooth for real.

  • decent

  • jtherapy

    Grown folk music!!! Been on FE since connected and has seen the growth. Authenticity is bangin!!! BTW shortie in the video is gorgeous!!



  • YoungCosby

    How the FUCK is music like Foreign Exchange not on the radio?! Insane that great music goes right over the heads of the massed in favor of shit that has no purpose at all.

  • Idris

    Inception? haha