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Curren$y – Michael Knight (rmx) f. Raekwon

blame it on Shake November 18, 2010

Teaser #6

The Chef joins Spitta on the last track off Pilot Talk 2, which drops this Monday! JETS x Wu-Tang fool.

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Michael Knight (rmx) f. Raekwon | Mediafire
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  • IllicitMC


  • ILLadelphia


  • ILLadelphia


  • dirtysixchambers

    the album sprung a leak. i just downloaded it and said to myself, i’m gonna go check 2dbz, i bet they posted the michael knight remix and you guys fuckin did lol. i couldn’t believe it.

  • History in the making.
    i hope this isnt the last time they get together.

  • dirtysixchambers

    the album sprung a leak. i just downloaded it and said to myself, i’m gonna go check 2dbz, i bet they posted the michael knight remix and you guys fuckin did lol. i couldn’t believe it lol.

  • jollyjj

    curren$y is right on the money

  • Shire brilliance to put the Chief on the track. With that said a Monstrous Duo…JETS FOOL!!!

  • xb

    Currensy and wiz are’t friends anymore

  • :P

    Jets Fool…

  • khalifa the wiz

    ^ shit happens when you find somebody stealin the nuggets
    taylor gang or catch jet lag

  • DontGetIt

    Kinda disappointed that C kept his old verses on, I mean, it’s sort of underwhelming as a “remix” but just as a track by itself it’s dopeness.

    I’ve got a feeling Pilot Talk 2 may be a More Fish type deal, not bad by any standards, but just not equal to the predecessor.

  • feining liquor often

    album is dope, JETS FOOL

  • Shit is Fire

    Got more at my site

    Click The Name

  • O

    @xb why you say that?

  • You Nigga what you mean they aint cool no more man cause if it is man this is the second time spitta got beef with somebody

  • no one

    what happened between curren$y and wiz?

  • B18

    instant download rap.

  • Taylor’d

    link for album? anyone?

  • Taylor’d

    .zip also

  • to.many.urckels.on.ur.team.thats.why.yours.winslow

    well wizzle kinda does bite curren$y’s swag
    Micheal knight sample bobby did it – rza

  • Blane

    I think he lying cuz Currensy and Wiz still tweeting each other don’t seem like they beefin’

  • TKnowsAlot

    @dirtysixchambers Where can I find said leak?

  • dirtysixchambers

    just google it or go to RRT.


  • Taylor’d

    @dirtysixchambers is it .zip?

  • no one


  • mrwhatwhat

    xb wtf are u talkin about..spitta just posted a pic on twitter of him wiz and shiest bubz..how are they not friends??? dnt believe that lame ass nigga..JET$

  • Cno




  • Jets Fool

    “I Got Highed Up So I Can Autograph The Sky…Fool” ✈

  • yaboy316

    @Timothy Pilot Talk 2 >>>>> Pilot Talk


  • d7778

    just got it today and MMMAAAANNNNN!!!!! wayyy better then the first, “Famous” is the track!

  • spoof

    Man this CD goes.

  • HermesThiefGod

    dling album as we speak.. All apparently its p1>>>>p2 all the way.

  • HermesThiefGod

    i mean p2<<<<<p1 lol

  • HermesThiefGod

    p2>>>>p1 !!!! wtf

  • dwayne

    i got pilot talk 2 in the mail from amazon. It came early. Im listening to it
    So far Pilot Talk 2>Pilot Talk

  • rappstar


  • basedlord

    cmon ya’ll dont compare the 2 crafts they are both dope in their own way yes pilot talk 2 is a beast but so is pilot talk..

    pilot talk & pilot talk 2 is a tie they are both equal

  • that first line made a nigga go watch paid in full again…DAME #it hurts when breathe

  • straightkillah

    holy shit…i always felt these two would make a great combo considering they have the some of the sickest flows of our time. (especially raekwon)

    Rae’s verse was tooo short though :/

    november 22nd will be a good day…

  • A. Shuttlezworth

    @DontGetIt… You are wrong the beats are incredible and i actually like it better then PT1!

  • HermesThiefGod

    whateva basedlord


  • HermesThiefGod

    so far hehe

  • HermesThiefGod

    I fuckin love the fact that there aren’t a hella load of features!

  • H.


  • Freshswagger94

    sprung a leak

  • $lim_H*TOWN

    Shit i actually think PT2 is betta than number one cuz we didnt hear all the tracks damn near a year before it dropped, spitta actually stepped up his lyrics even more on this one an picked the features well tho i still wanted to hear that badu feature *shrugs* o well shit still dope

  • spoof

    Airborne Aquarium, Famous and Highed Up are hottest beats on here. Once again Spitta makes a seamless CD; front to back this shit is crack

  • DK

    I prefer Pilot Talk 1 beats more but it’s still a dope project definitely not dissappointed.

  • Jay

    Dope album!

  • @yaboy316

    the beats are wayyy better in PT2

  • HermesThiefGod

    2s beats are more chill. And doper IMO. Works well holistically.
    a classic objet d’art. def in my top 5 of 2010 (thus far).

  • addictedtopinescent

    Hope the leak doesn’t hurt his sales to much, but people on the thread were the link is are saying its fucking dope
    imma cop the tape twice, once on itunes and i already pre-ordered my copy on amazon

    jet life till the next life fool

  • Click my name for mediafire…

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Toooooooo tuff


    Ya’ll should also post “Fashionably Late”

  • Benny Blanco from Da Brix

    It’s hard to say if part 2 is better than 1. To me, it’s like Kill Bill Vol. 1&2. Kill Bill is one long ass movie split into 2 parts. Pilot Talk is like one long album split into 2 parts. If you put them together, you get 26 tracks of fuckin dopeness. Most of the songs on PT2 were probably made while he was working on part 1 anyway. Together, Pilot Talk 1&2 is my favorite album all year.

  • click my name for pilot talk 2

  • high_s0ciety

    well done spitta… WELL DONE! “this that OG shit, u smell dat?”

  • Shiz

    Does anyone of the production credits? Interested to know which joints ski beatz did. I know famous is a monsta beatz production.

  • Shiz

    *know of the production credits

  • facemask

    Pilot Talk 2 is one of the best rap releases of the year. Feels like he took the original and refined it to perfection. Right length, right beats, right everything.

  • Im lovin the purple ish they got goin on with the new vid’s.Whats that song playin in the backround of this video???? i wanna sample and make a beat out of it.

  • ^^this betta b the real version last post was just pilot t 1. smh…

  • Benny Blanco from Da Brix < co sign.

  • Kay-G

    Man I hear all these comments about people already hearing PT2. I hope yall buying it!! Support Good Music!!!!

  • Xander

    Kay-G < co sign.

  • Xander

    @Benny Blanco from Da Brix < "Together, Pilot Talk 1&2 is my favorite album all year." Damn you must've not heard Kendrick Lamar's OD tape. go check that shit out. Your favorite album all year opinion might change.

  • Xander

    But I haven’t heard Pilot Talk 2 yet so who knows..I could end up thinking the same thing.

  • Weava

    Pilot Talk 2 > Pilot Talk 1 … how ever,

    Seat Change > any track on PT2. Overall

    hardest beats are OG. (The Jam) Airborne Aquarium. Hold On & Fashionably Late

  • Weava

    i already bought PT1, kinda dumb payin for another 13 tracks that sounds like it came off the same cd, my guess is he made a good 30+ songs for Pilot Talk, his label was like “nah just make two albums instead of one nice long album with 20+ tracks” so they could make more dough… easy scheme, but he already got my 10 bucks for PT1, that will just go into his weed money

  • THC wade

    what track is used in the trailer?

    i’ve heard it before can’t remember the name?



  • Afro Butterfly – Chill
    idk if its been used elsewhere, but that’s where i heard it

  • Im clownin right now… niggas on here wondering if nigga is still friends with another nigga…. sounds like a bunch of groupies to me.. shit has nothing to do with the track… and niggas need to stop giving niggas albums away… Pilot Talk 2 is on Amazon.com for a reason… singles are fine, exclusives are fine… but niggas eatin off making music.. why u gonna slap the fork out his hand?.. all i know is that if this Michael Knight is any indication, then Pilot Talk 2 is official… im usually hard on these new niggas because i come from an era that remembers the “purple tape” and remembers when the Wu ran hip-hop… Curren$y has a bright future ahead of him since getting other niggas from his circle… he’s doin him… Im out this bitch…320

  • micheal knight

    skoo dododododo