Rah Digga - Classic (Video)

The next installment of Court Dunn's One Shot series with the good folks at Nah Right features Digga Digga, first name Rashia's title track off her Nottz-produced album.

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  • Tecboy

    How tha fuk ANYBODY gonna talk about that BARBIE shyt, when u know dam well this dat real HIP HOP and everyhting it stand for! RAH DIGGA has always keep t real. Her and Jean Grey. @RAH... I luv U Gurl!

  • straightkillah

    "flow don't stop like hemophiliacs bleed"

    Rah Digga is toooo sickkk.

  • Dope. Low budget without appearing low budget. Take notes.

  • greeneyed bandit

    rah digga is a way better rapper, but niki minaj is way more entertaining...that video and song bored me to shit

  • niki minaj is fucking wack. props to DOPE female mc's like rah digga, and eternia

  • i love rah digga. real female rap! holla!

  • rusty

    Nottz beats are dopeness. Rah is still dope. wish rap still sold this would be gold probably.