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A$ton Matthews – Drugs f. Skeme

blame it on Meka November 19, 2010

I don’t know who A$ton is, but we all know who Skeme is.

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  • G

    Instead of saying things like “I don’t know who a$ton Matthews is” why don’t you be a more professional web press rep. and actually do a bit of research to possibly inform us more of a new artist. You know there’s actually talent out there that EVERYBODY doesn’t know yet… This “they’ve had to had made a name for themselves to b worthy of a post” ideology is fucking up opportunity for new artists to gain exposure

  • LikeJordan45

    I don’t know who dude is either…but ^word

  • ^^^^
    I think that’s Mek’s way of saying “I’m not feeling this boul and there’s nothing special about him.” Because of the internet, there’s so many goddamn rappers these days that wtf is the point of telling you who this guy is? What’s he gonna tell you – what city he’s from? Who gives a fuck. If if you like the guy so much than why don’t you do the goddamn research and stop bitching.

  • C’s

    he’s obviously good enough if skeme is fucking with him. this shit bangs though

  • Greg

    FAMxBIZ is bout to be the new face to look for, watch

  • dedication

    word^ famxbiz got next

  • yup2

    famxbiz is the bizz i just look them up i fuck with them

  • Dro Fraiser

    swag who made the beat?


    “G” brings up a good point

  • I C U

    Trade Voorhees on the beat

  • MH

    I went to high school with A$ton Matthews. Good shit, putting LKWD on the map. FAMXBIZ

  • LKWD


  • Tno

    I fuz wit FAMxBIZ

  • Tno


  • juck

    lol . asstin .

  • SF

    beat is nuts

  • Justine

    Family Business!

  • JL

    My NIgga A$ton Matthews Holdin it down for LKWD..FAMxBiz Till the casket drop.Longbeach& lakewood stand up..keep servin these niggas with them Bangers