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OnCue – Story Of A Lifetime

blame it on Shake November 19, 2010

Another leak off Cue’s Leftovers project, dropping on November 29th.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Story Of A Lifetime (prod. CJ Luzi) | Mediafire

  • no idea who this guy is but this song is niceeeee
    and that cover is crazy!

  • DontGetIt

    I keep trying to get into OnCue but I haven’t managed to get TOO into his shit. That cover is DOPE though, the album one.

  • ASA

    @DontGetIt in the beginning I was skeptical of OnCue, but honestly i think this dude got a bright future, he’s different tho… so it depends on taste…

  • Cuey Sings the Blues proved to me this kid has the will and talent to differentiate himself by creating his own lane. Because of that I see a very bright future for Cuey, it’s just a matter of being heard…

  • red

    I’m not too down with OnCue once he starts singing, his voice doesn’t do it for me.
    But I have liked a bunch of his songs.

  • DJ Okey

    get wit it.

  • DJ Okey

    Oncue is mad talented, Cuey Sings the Blues and Cueyfornication are both great records.

  • Rezo

    Idk about this song but I am dying laughing at Shake killing Nicki on Twitter haha

  • lol @ dude who said cover is crazy..u cant be serious my nigga

  • stompintom

    @rezo yeah that shit was hilarious haha

  • Sukka Sam

    Cuey is alright…but the real talent is Cj Luzi…Without Luzi there is no Oncue

  • 11eight

    Record is kinda nice im likin

  • decent