Ali Vegas - Mean Muggin'

Off Vegas' AutoVegography, dropping November 30th.

DOWNLOAD: Ali Vegas - Mean Muggin' | Mediafire

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  • sperm

    Always liked Ali but not used to him being thugged out/dumbed down. If it makes him money, fair enough.

  • sayWORD

    Man I haven't heard of this guy since NBA Street v3 lol

  • sperm

    Yah, used to love that Theme of NY song he did haha

  • griz

    this kid is still alive?......

  • Jiz

    Worst album/mixtape title ever.

  • Hatin’ Ass Nigga

    Yeahhhhhh... this is lame.

  • jdfromnb

    damn this sure aint what im used to hearin from veg..smmmhh

  • DCB

    Take note kids. This is exactly how you fuck up a very promising career. Vegas had a very strong buzz, put out very dope mixtape years ago that to this day still bangs...(Heir to the Throne Pt. II)... Then did shit all with it! I was ridin' for you Veg. Give it up.

  • "The Specialist" is still one of my favorite records...

  • this cat was hot, about 10 yrs ago....but this shit smh....


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