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Jay-Z On The Howard Stern Show (Video)

blame it on Shake November 21, 2010

We posted the audio last week, now we’ve got the visuals to match. I’ve really been enjoying Hov’s promo run for Decoded, and the book is definitely worth the read if you haven’t started yet.

  • 421

    baba booey!

  • Click my name for the ITunes version of MBDTF

    Shake, don’t ban me, some ppl can’t afford to buy it :)

  • Rezo

    Damn the link is down. It was working for 2 days, well I tried haha

  • DK

    @Rezo It worked for me good looking out. Couldn’t get those Itunes bonus tracks because itunes won’t work with my card and Apple won’t do anything about it.

  • ZRoC

    What are the bonus tracks?

  • The Book is amazing, not just for Jay Z fans but for hip hop fans (TRUE HIP HOP 30 YEAR FOUNDATION FANS).

  • MF_Timmy

    I plan on making a purchase. It should be a great read. I’m not the biggest Jigga fan ever (mostly because of the dickriders), but I’ve got plenty of respect for him. Very culturally knowledgable dude. I’d be surprised if he were a Republican.

  • Saol

    this was an incredible interview. I actually may pick up the book.

    The hour I just spent watching this, was a million times better than the hour I spent listening to that garbage Blueprint 3

  • co-sign, got the book on tuesday when it came out, lot of lil easter eggs in there

  • SomePerspective

    Yeah it’s definately worth the read if you look up to him/”ride him”/ or think hes god. That corn ball doesn’t care about anyone or any-thing except himself & Money. Who cares, right? Money makes the world go round- but I for one, won’t be another blind follower of someone i don’t personally know.. Jay-Z is wack. Look what he did to his man Beanie Siegel. And look at how he quietly dissed MC Hammer, and then claimed he didn’t and said “oh, i wrote something nice about him in my new book”. Thats the sign of someone thats b*tch made. “Oh but hes a legend, and made all this music, and bla bla bla bla” Ok fine, go on about your business- dummys.. p.s. Edit this out i dont care :)

  • leprechaunmafia3

    When I try to play the videos it just repeats that advertisements over and over again, is that happening for anyone else?

  • yeah im getting that too, nothing but ads…wtf

  • YouAreNotHipHopYoungin

    Its amazing how these young kids who don’t know shit always have something to say about their shitty modern hip hop music and wack artist but when 2 Dope Boyz post an intellectual interview from a Hip Hop Icon with profound thought no one is sharing their thoughts or sharing ideas about the interview.

    This new generation is swirling drain.

  • reasom

    “do you take your toilet with you everywhere you tour” the stern