NFL Predictions (Week 11)

blame it on Meka November 21, 2010

Damn, it’s already Week 11? That sucks. Anyways, the Steelers-Raiders, Colts-Patriots and Giants-Eagles games look to be the better matchups this week.

Per usual, the (2)Dope Madden League is on again this weekend as well. I’m leaving the current week up for another week, as it’s the holidays this week. There are still open slots available, and how to join in is simple:

* Have a PS3 [of course]
* Have a copy of Madden 11 [of course]
* in the franchise section of online play, go to “Join Franchise” and search “2DopeMadden”
* If it asks for a password, it is “2dope”
* Pick your team and join in

Games take place during the following times, unless another time is requested between the two opponents (which you two will have to coordinate together):

* Saturday by 9pm EST
* Sunday by 6pm EST

If you’re having problems trying to get a game with your opponent (for example, if your opponent does not show up during the week or continually quits mid-game when behind by a lot) contact me (my user name has the (C) indicting who the commissioner is) and let me know so I will take care of things properly. All games must be played by the end of the Monday Night Football, as I’ll be checking to see who played the following day and removing those who didn’t either play a game or contact me prior. Seriously, don’t join if you’re not going to play at all; you’re wasting everybody’s times doing so.

Schedule, smack talk and all that good stuff down bottom.

Chicago 16, Miami 0
Oakland at Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Jacksonville
Washington at Tennessee
Houston at NY Jets
Baltimore at Carolina
Green Bay at Minnesota
Arizona at Kansas City
Detroit at Dallas
Buffalo at Cincinnati
Seattle at New Orleans
Tampa Bay at San Francisco
Atlanta at St. Louis
Indianapolis at New England
NY Giants at Philadelphia
Denver at San Diego

  • Nas

    Go Philadelphia vicks. Da giants are ass


  • Lars


  • Rio$

    fuck vick. titans>your life


  • Praying that last week repeats itself to SOME degree, let’s go Eagles

  • Benny Blanco from Da Brix

    ^^^^^Last week is NOT gonna happen again. A team is never as good as it’s best win & never as bad as it’s worst loss. Bottom line, this game is probably gonna be very close & really stressful like every other NY-Philly game.

    G-Men are coming off a loss they should’ve won & Eagles are gonna be cocky after a crazy performance from Vick that made them look like the ’07 Patriots. But Vick is NOT gonna do that every week & I’m expecting Tom Coughlin to make LOOOONG time consuming drives in order to keep Mike Vick’s ass on the bench cheerleading.

    Go G-MEN

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    STEELERS & RAMS 24/7 365 BITCH & Ah Leap Year Hoe, Ya Feels Meh.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Oh Yeah Vick For MVP, Glad He Doin Good

  • ughhhh


    YOU OTHER TEAMS CANT DO IT LIKE THIS, the eagles r legit though, but


  • Vick is gonna eat well tonight. The Giants secondary will make a nice meal.

  • Click my name for the ITunes version of MBDTF

  • LN

    Buffalo game was weird. But I’ll take it.

  • Mr. Obvious

    you should set up Madden or NBA2K league for the 360 #justsayin