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DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 22, 2010

After a few leaks and visuals, the collabroative effort between Bam and the Soul Assassin finally drops. As a bonus, they’ve provided both the regular and unmixed version for fans to choose which copy they want. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Gunfire
2. Bullet
3. Molotov Cocktail
4. History Of Angels
5. The Rock Rock On
6. Grenade
7. Firearm
8. Smoke Smarter
9. Pow Wow Drums
10. Heist
11. Check
12. Kill A Man
Bonus: Wall Tag

DOWNLOAD: DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines (Mixtape) | Un-mixed Version

  • risen357


  • TRIZ


  • Definitely gonna check it out. Thanks.

  • the new guy

    Dumb Question: Why would someone want an unmixed version?

  • Blahzay Blah

    @ “The New Guy”. When they say unmixed they don’t mean the vocals are not mixed they just mean the songs aren’t blended together like the way a mixtape is. Or excuse me, the way mixtapes used to be.

  • ron

    muthafuckin right..go bambam.

  • TheReignMan

    Bambu & DJ Muggs & Bearrock Music FTW

  • riphead

    so dope. love the collab, though I think that one listen-thru of muggs version is enough! bam’s lines shouldn’t be scratched over! great effort nonetheless.

  • TheReignMan

    I mean Beatrock Music..fuck my phone and that auto fixing bullshit.


  • Wes

    the big homie Bam does it again! this time w/ the legendary DJ Muggs. LA, PI! isulong!

  • risen357

    unmixed as in no cuts or blends. just gives it more of an album less mixtape kinda feel

  • ooooo didnt even expect this at all !

  • orangec+unty

    a lot of the production is sickk. some of the beat’s are lace up all jazzy kind of like a 90’s feel.. but don’t get me wrong shit’s still raw, just needs to be refined a little more.. but dudes flow is nicee.. his voice sounds kind of like ash roth **my opinion** definitely going to keep checking 2dbz for more bambu… tarlac rock, rock on

  • orangec+unty

    oh i suggest the unmixed version!

  • brendan

    i’m thankful for bambu, been waiting for this shit

  • Mediafire for the mixed version?…anyone?…bueller?

  • justdoit

    un mixed is better… fuck the cuts

  • Soul Assassins World Wide Philippines to Los Angeles! Infinite Rewind!!!

  • Salute!

  • The shoster

    dope! downloading this right now!

  • ejunco

    nice dl tomorrow~!


    Peace 2 Bambu

    Nice mixtape.. keep it up big bro

  • David

    I liked what’s been leaked so far. Really looking forward to jamming this all week. PEACE

  • bucknasty

    i think i’m required by the Philippine Constitution to download this. let’s go!

  • bloodmoney


  • tron

    yo, i’m grabbin’ the unmixed. but is that “wall tag” joint available as a loosy?

  • isa

    this mixtape just reinforces my love for gangsta rap.

  • JL

    Dope- Thanks for posting! Bam and Muggs are definitely two of my heroes- it’s awesome to see them working together!

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