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cARTer – Going Hollywood (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 23, 2010

Artwork By ConArt.

Technically it’s still November 22nd out west, so let’s still drop (on time) cARTer’s latest project on time hosted by DJ Skee and the LA Leakers. Tracklist and link down bottom.

Artwork By ConArt.

DOWNLOAD: cARTer – Going Hollywood (Mixtape)

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  • dopeSir


  • EricTheJedi

    Been waitin on this shit all night!

  • 626fam

    link is down

  • godfrey adams

    this nigga STAY wit some hot ass coverart..clap for em

  • barney

    gonna check this out just based on the cover.

  • ^word. that’s how I started with XV, Casey Veggies, Kendrick Lamar, and now, cARTer

  • thatkidrawr

    can someone tell me if this is good or not?

  • ryan

    Yeahhh its 10:50 in LA you were slippen ive been waiting all day for this

    someone tell me why its terry and not DOM kennedy how is he not on

    Eat Good, Drink Good, Smoke Betta

  • Teddy

    I need to start fuckin with Carter. I fucks with Dom and all but since Carter and Dom basically got a lot of the same vibe its only right that I start listenin.

  • Terry Kennedy Feature? wth?

  • Infam0usP

    this shit is DOPE! #SWAG #SDF


    this niggas whack and doms lowkey whack….his pilot talk 2 verse ? horrible….then he tried to bite spittahs flow at the end….

    that nigga needs to go rap in the mountains for a few years then come back with some decent shit.

  • branden

    ^^yo i agree wit you that Dom tried to jack Spittas Flow iWas appalled, but don’t knock my nigga Dom he’s DOPE better than a lot of them lames out there now and if he wasn’t we wouldn’t of got a feature on Spittas album

  • harris

    oooooh…. wooooooooow…… ummm this is fucking garbage……… sorry.

  • Your Father

    Man, cARTer had a dope voice.
    I instantly downloaded all his mixtapes based off Bayou Classic and to my disappointment, they were sub-par and lacked cohesiveness. It’s like he just do a bunch of songs and throw em on a CD. Wack ass production (How when you know Chase N Cashe?)…In short, dude needs an A&R in his life.

  • EDF

    Good tape, EP, album…however you decide, good music none the less.

  • turnthatwackstuffoff

    “Houston Summer” is classic. Carter has some joints. This mixtape however is hot garbage. All the songs he has with ChaseTheMoney are wack. I dont know what kind of shit cARTer is on right now..

  • CaliDna

    Yeah This Nigga dosent drop in a year and he comes out with this lol what does he do in his spare time no Dom K feature but he has terry kennedey lol i knew this was gonna be a fail when i saw “terry” and not “Dom” smh hes still better than wack ass skeme

  • EDF

    Damn the hate heavy in here, I won’t even lie, not sure what ya’ll listen to but the Dom verse on PT 2 was dope, the song was dope in general.

    Houston Summer is a classic IMO.

    After jamming the tape a little more, I’d like to hear a CD with Chase N Cashe and Carter. They have some dope chemistry and their music flows well.

    The music on the tape matches the theme well.

    At the end of the day, he managed to get those with negative comments to download a 100MB file.

    He won.

  • nomicon

    yo can someone please re-up this? the link is down

  • the truth

    for all you hatin ass niggas who dont really know DOM’s music, go and listen to racing stripes on smokee robinson mixtape. Spitta LITERALLY took words from Doms verse and made them the hook. Who’s biting now dumb muthafuckas

    DK all day

  • swagagagagagagaga

    wack ahhh, disappointed


    nigga shut the fuck up….dom says the same shit over and over to rhyme if you notice….i used to fuck with dom but someone pointd that shit out to me and i was like wow…then after pt2 verse….this niggas slippen…

    and currensys and OG with cd’s nigga knw ur place

  • Rare Air

    After Legal Trappin, I was suped….. But this shit is complete wack sauce

  • P.

    Lol @ ghetto blaster. someone had to point out to you that Dom rhymes the same word a lot of the time? you’re that dumb? The thing is he rhymes the words before the last word of every line as well, so it works. a lot of rappers do it, just not as much as Dom.

  • I believe cARTer is dope…but, this tape ain’t for me. Maybe next time.

  • DontLookAtMyName

    Too many white boys who “<3 underground rap" on these comments, but don't know nothin about the process of making music or becoming an artist, if you think an artist is wack then why are you talkin bout them, you know them, you talkin bout they mixtape, and they don't know who the fuck you are, you see how irrelevant you have become?

  • iseeyouhomie


  • AugustaGA_boi

    lol Legal Trapping smashed this, and why in the hell would you stop liking an artist because somebody pointed something out to you? lol you liked it till some dude told you not too, fail. And artist do care about fan feedback… because if it is horrible they get put on the shelf, just saying.

  • A Booger Named Bang

    …. n/m…. my bad

  • A Booger Nemed Bang

    i’m honestly mad that “my mentality” aint on this shit…. and if cARTer just dropped a solid album like legal trappin then yeah… he’d definitely be up there in the mix… but he’s workin though… i think him and dom just need to do an album together….



    Nah i really just wan’t listening to DOM…just his beats…lol hes trash….he needs a brand new style….cuz that same the shit over over and over and slow as flow is whack.

    dick riders give it up.

  • umm

    this nigga’s wack as hell

  • ghetto BLASTER


    feeling like this
    mission like this
    seeing stars like this
    kisss like this
    im a dumbass like this

    liemert park whats cool !??!!?!

  • wreckstat

    im sorry, who says dom just took it? they recorded together, mayb dom told currency how he was gonna do that. mayb he did it as a testament, in an appreciative sorta way. like dang…..yall just assume the worst and most unprobable of things.

  • wreckstat

    and personally, it should matter too much how a nigga flows, its moreso what he’s sayin……

  • rockett

    Dom is dope, I do think that he’s been weaker since Westside With Love, but he making his way back, his verse on DZA’s track was dope. I hope his next tape is back on his FS/DS flow.

  • wallawalla

    re upppppp plz

  • Ryan

    what are you people saying DOM wack haaa thats funny hes probably the newest illest talent in the westcoast…and carter had a couple classics on LEGAL TRAPPIN have you people heard “Wired Up” thats the weekend anthem houston summer cool but cook up 2009 wit dom illest track…hating ass niggas PBS HOLLYWOOD is heavily in rotation in my benzo believe daat

  • ThatKidRawr

    Dom Kennedy is a subpar lyricist, but he makes AMAZING music. Like he speaks real shit even though if it isn’t super complicated and his production is fucking superb.

  • ghEtto BLASTER

    dom gets away with good production….but his rapping skills is booboo.
    and idk that illest talents out the west….thats kendrick lamar and chris martin.

  • alienboots

    Kendrick Lamar, Fashawn, Blu the 3 illest west coast emcees

  • DontLookAtMyName

    Can’t Cha Tell Hook >>> he swagged on that shit. The thrills, bayou classic & undercover pimpin are all surf club hits, he lowkey did his thing on pretty boy swag, smoke something >> i fuck wit it. Elevator Rap is 1 minute crack, that trophy song is hard, indy 100 is chills, hollywood lights is top 3 carter songs ever, didn’t really like space city or the swag, watcha money doin nd h-town chick was ard, overall a good tape, real carter fans need to listen, nd fuck niggas need to go back to suckin dom dick carter make music for real niggas