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Kanye West Talks Travel, Illuminati, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake November 23, 2010

During a listening session in Minneapolis Kanye spoke with Danni Starr about some of his favorite things (place to travel, team, album, etc), his biggest pet peeve, the Illuminati and more.

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  • Hatin’ Ass Nigga

    #Lyin ass nigga. Smh

  • GR

    Anyone notice how they spelled “nigary” around 0:11?


  • Boy2Dope


  • Meth Head

    All dick heads should watch this

  • your real weak for the scripted questions
    and not leting the people ask the questions lol

    “i sold my soul to the devil i kno its a crappy deal
    but at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal”

    did i get that right!?!

    and we already kno ur not in it ur a puppet
    or a homosexual sex slave to ur elite buddys lmao

  • bitchassniggas


  • Mac

    what is kanye’s favorite album¿ i didnt understand

  • Geez

    Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde is his favorite album. Google it up.

  • tt2445

    ^Bizarre Ride II Pharcyde-Pharcyde

  • haithere

    i respect him more after he said bizarre ride is his favorite album. that joint was the shit

  • HermesThiefGod

    @ timothy^^^ People always reference that line… lol gtfoh

    And how the fuck is he a sellout?.. He’s clearly making “Hip-hop” and at the same time fucking timeless music. NAS is my GOAT, rap wise. But what Kanye does 4 music in general is just on another level. Yeah, so what if he’s super-egotistical and massively mainstem now. People shouldn’t give a flying fuck about that. The music is what counts and douches should recognise true(real) artistry and stop hating on bullshit like, he sold his soul to devil 4 motherfuckin happy meal, lines.

    i reiterate. recognise real music, doesn’t matter if shits commercial/mainstream or not. squares.

  • Mz.Drizzy


  • ATL

    if you believe illuminati shit then you believe rick ross was actually a hustler

  • Drew

    I second Exactly what HERMESTHIEFGOD said….I have this arguement about Kanye all the time..ppl are like “oh i thought Kanye was going back to early Ye styles or a boom bap sound” “this new album is so….preppy and mainstream” Have you listened to it..?? Like really sat down and taken the whole album in??? SHUT THE FUCK UP IF YOU HAVENT CAUSE IF YOU DID YOU WOULDNT BE HATIN ON THE MAN!!!! nobody is even close to kanye musically… all you “haters” see is his public persona and the way the media and society portray him…but give it a listen and you’ll most likely change ur mind..If not then the music is just too advanced for you, Cause it really is on a whole nother level. period. Music comes from his soul, you can hear it by the ammount of detail and precision he puts into every single song, not just one or two like you other favourite artists. When did you listen to a Kanye album where you didnt like at least half the songs if not more!!!??? there isn’t one, because they’re all amazing!!!

  • Who’s the bitch mc’n?
    lol Illuminati

  • Well if you people actually google search
    George Washington on illuminati then your evidence
    Is right there and all the doctrines are but I kno
    You people are cowards and won’t look it up.

    I’m guessing GW is talking out his ass and all
    The docrtines are false lmao hahahahahahahhahaha

    And kanye fell off along time ago his first 2albums
    Were classic now he has no subject matter on his new
    Album and raps about nothing new the production is real weak go listen to Apollo brown production > kanye dirt ass

  • YESS

    Wow I cannot Belive Kanye New About My Favorite Hip Hop Crew The Pharcyde



  • ^relevance?

    y was the interview so short?

  • stompintom

    kanyes new album is on some other planet shit, just because its all over the place, but its sick and you gotta respect that he does whatever he wants musically

  • prk

    Kanye sets the bar while everyone else tires to imitate.

  • MN31

    I wish B96 hadn’t sold out…then we could have had Peter Parker interview him…and that would have been a billion times doper than this.

  • Static

    has kanye always sounded so white?

  • WOOOOW, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde… nice choice… wouldnt expect that… crazy dope album, but still… honestly, i would expect him say some stupid shit like The Blueprint, LOL

  • PS… i could dig a jay/kan/rih group (or at least album)

  • peacexpiece

    lil b does whatever he wants to musically in case u aint notice

  • Hope

    hey @tt2445 you are wrong about the title and @Geez was right

  • huuuuh

    yall niggas and these theories… smh if only yall put all that effort into being less of a bitch.

  • King Tyrone

    Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is a classic. I can def see the influence on the College Dropout

  • gill

    THE PHARCYDE!!! solid

  • ruthless

    that chick is buff who is she?

  • stabler

    he lost me towards the end, he was getting too philosophical