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T-Wayne (T-Pain x Lil Wayne) – Hoes & Ladies f. Smoke (of Field Mob)

blame it on Meka November 23, 2010

So it looks like T-Pain gets the second post-postpartum-prison Wayne verse? (SHAKE EDIT: I’m guessing it’s an unreleased verse). Anyways this cut is off of Faheem’s prEVOLVEr mixtape, set to drop in support of Pain’s rEVOLVEr album. Props to OnSMASH.

DOWNLOAD: T-Wayne (T-Pain x Lil Wayne) – Hoes & Ladies f. Smoke (of Field Mob) | Usershare

  • sayWORD

    Man T-Pain should stick to choruses and hooks. Let Wayne do the rest

  • yoyoyo

    song is wack sauce..waynes verse was aight..but not what we wanna hear right now..you just got outta the pin homie and we know youre writing again..so give the people what they want..fauckkkk..

  • IllicitMC

    Weren’t they suppose to do a whole album? I bet this isn’t a new verse.
    I do like Smoke on here. Field Mobb needs to put out some new music.
    I like Pain on this though; I think he is alright on the mic. No better, or no worse than anyone.

  • RSX

    Hook: Made me LOL
    Verse 1:I feel like this is T-Pain impersonating T-Pain poorly.
    Verse 2: “Numbers don’t lie? Let’s try 69.” I can dig it
    Beat is nice.

    Between this and Rap Song, I don’t think I’d want to tell people that I listen to T-Pain…he done.

  • Cli-City

    Wayne did alright (FINALLY!!!!!!!!)……

  • Rezo2

    Garbage as usually, wayne should go back to jail (& rot in there) in return for t.i. back, t-pain need to quit, people who like this are obviously the stupidist ppl on this earth, #real[fuckin]talk.

  • HipHOp

    FUCK YOU Rezo2…….your mama should rot in hell faggit…..This is alright…but i hate when niggas believe if you like something they dont your stupid or something…..

  • DaRealest

    Rezo2…you’re a worthless, jealous nigger. Get off and continue making your shitty mixtapes you dumb fucking monkey.

  • Nigga, if you worried about what other people think of your music taste, then that’s when you first went wrong.

  • d easy

    its a mixtape track. Nothing spectacular but its nice

  • wayne pisses me off with that high pitch voice shit.

  • Wayne & Pain were alright, they’re both capable of going harder, acceptable mixtape song though. I think Wayne’s verse is old, because his voice is still all cracked/drugged out like it was before he went in

  • iKill4Kash

    I’m a Wayne fan but this doesn’t sound new… I hope it’s not new

  • wase

    this isn’t new. Wayne probably scrapped the idea of doing an album with this fool, that’s why t-pain is leaking it now. Scrapped the juelz santana collabo album too lol

  • this is not post-prison verse. This was recorded in august 2009 during the t-wayne mixtape making, now t-pain pulls a timbo and puts out a wack sauce wayne verse to celebrate his return.

  • Mr Xclusive

    @Rezo2 do you realize what you said you fucking idiot? you are the stupid one just for saying that wow you haters are taking it to a different level jesus fucking christ hope you burn in hell low life piece of fucking dog shit trashy white piece of horse shit you cracker fuck ….lol but fuck you man dumb bastard

  • Blazun

    lol @ Mr X …but really tho fuck that guy for hating

  • stompintom

    lol rezo just mindfucked ya’ll

  • rezo4

    @Rezo2 smartest comment i’ve heard all night

  • Nigga weezy shouted out LOX on this joint. That’s what’s good.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    nice take on the patti labelle sample.

  • whitty

    T-pain Go hard he the best and most consistent nugga in the game! Rap Song is Fire. This is mixtape joint. The album will be copped not downloaded. Everybody in the game is on this nigga dick biting his style. He fathered 80% of what yall listen to today