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Timbaland & Magoo – Fried Chicken f. Sebastian

blame it on Meka November 25, 2010

The only Timbaland, Magoo & Sebastian song I ever liked was "Indian Flute," and that was because of the beat. Come on, Timmay, you know the only songs the fans want during this "Timbo Thursdays" stuff are the cuts with Jay-Z you have in the stash.

Timbaland & Magoo – Fried Chicken f. Sebastian | Usershare

  • J

    If you're going to title a song "Fried Chicken," then please make it better than Nas'.

  • J

    Meka! He did a joint called, "Indian Carpet" that was kind of tough as well.

  • George Clooney

    Timbaland hasn't contributed a decent beat to Jay's catalog since Dirt Off Your Shoulders, Meka. I don't think anybody's waiting on more unreleased collabs from them two.

    And Magoo is to Q-Tip what C-Murder is to 2Pac, still.

  • x

    so much for letting ppl decide if they like the song first, we gotta listen to the site owner bitch and moan about whether he likes it or not....


    @George Clooney

    "Off That" and "Reminder" were definitely good enough for Timbo to drop a couple free ones. I never will understand why people get so pissy about FREE music.

    But cosign the Magoo/C-Murder thing, if u mean theyre both cheap imitations of the original.

  • GR

    I actually like this beat, where did the hate come from??

  • FakirWise

    so much for letting ppl decide if they like the song first, we gotta listen to the site owner bitch and moan about whether he likes it or not….
    x said this

    well you don't have to read it...

  • this beat is haard i dont care!
    obviously timbo got stuff in the stash but probly industry politics reason he cant put on the hidden jay etc stuff
    hope he does tho

  • dunk

    i like the beat...thats about it though

  • djozborne

    This sounds like a beat Missy uesd on one of her older albums, could be wrong but i'm pretty sure it is.

  • Kid Icarus

    it is a Missy Beat its Keep It Movin

  • "so much for letting ppl decide if they like the song first,"

    so you're that much of a sheep that you can't formulate your own opinion? get over yourself bruh...

  • Fred Da Crook

    ^^^ lol, seriously. Who let's other people decide whether they like a song or not?

  • Duhhhh

    ^^shake have u not noticed alot of the people on this site are sheep

  • JetsFootTakeThat

    Fred Da Crook < wiz kahlifa fans

  • whatupsucka

    I love Magoo...one of the most underrated emcees in the game

  • KUNGFoo

    same beat as Missy Elliott 'Keep It Movin'

  • Jebus

    It's pretty obvious now that fat Timbo was much better than Slimfast Timbo today...

    Although he was dropping heatrocks as soon as he trimmed down with Nelly and them, but things just went downhill from there.

    Storch will probably bring his name up though once Detox drops, me thinks.

  • tim and magoo used to go HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! im glad they makin music

  • 8

    Magoo is still alive?????????

  • Van City

    fried chicken, fly vixon, gimme heart disease but need u in my kitchen


  • Lateef

    "...you know the only songs the fans want to hear..." I truly hate it when people over-generalize or opine for a larger group. If he himself doesn't like the beat he should say so, instead of assuming that I don't. Because personally, I am a FAN, and I WANT to hear EVERYTHING leftover in Tim's catalog, not just the stuff with Jay. Step down off the podium bro. We are our own leaders.

  • insane.

    i definitely concur with lateef ^^ . what kind of blogger are u? don't assume what people want. u may have liked tim, u may not but i definitely would take anything leftover from this man's catalogs and cherish the fuck out of it. lol