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Chrisette Michele – Let Freedom Reign f. Talib Kweli & Black Thought

blame it on Shake November 26, 2010

Title track off Chrisette Michele’s upcoming album, dropping November 30th.

DOWNLOAD: Chrisette Michele – Let Freedom Reign f. Talib Kweli & Black Thought

  • Jonnie

    Talib + Black Thought?..instant download, I know I’m in for some lyricism

  • Jonnie

    Wait..where’s the link?!

  • lonestar playa

    song got substance written all over it! great track. solid verses! u kno wut? chrisette michele can git it too lol!

  • antoine


    firstttttttttt beeches

  • SKHipHop


  • Nerd

    Need a DL type bad right now.. Don’t do this to me – Black Thought’s verse needs to be memorized!

  • Untuchd

    Consign with ^Jonnie


    Great track, this is awesome music

  • High

    Shake hook it up with a DL link

  • Impulse


  • Y3K

    Fuck the COICA bill!!!!!!!

  • Shy

    yo shake,
    if you posted that link would they pull the plug on the dopehouse?

  • shook to post a link i see

  • :P

    aww…my post got deleted. :(

  • Jonnie

    @:P no it didn’t, thank you sir by the way for coming through in the clutch and dropping the link..Happy holidays to you my friend



  • :P

    oh, i see it now. sweet!
    and @Jonnie, same to you man. Happy Holidays ya’ll! :)

  • @ :P thanks 4 da link son

  • grs

    Now this is what I’m talking about. A woman doesn’t need a skank ass “sex tape” series to gain success. Speaking on some real shit…

  • So if (2) dope posts the link will they get shut down like OnSMASH???

  • 2pn

    someone rip it…and put up a link

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  • DeVaughn

    I must download this! Link Pronto!

  • tribecq7

    I put up a link but it got deleted… oh well. Nice track though.

  • damn what happened to OnSmash & DaJAz1?

  • Justanothercrow

    why is ole girl rapping? stick to singing CM.

  • Clyde Dreskler

    2 G.O.O.D Friday tracks this week

  • GR

    I swear, ever since Janelle Monae hit the scene, every female R&B singer is trying to up their game and do something different just to get a little closer to her.

    Janelle Monae holds it down in 2010

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  • #FreeNMC

    Shake are you not gonna do anymore links after what went down with Splash/OnSMASH/Rapgodfathers? Don’t blame you bro..

  • lupe

    dope track.

  • #FreeNMC

    Also just realized how ironic the title of this track is when it comes to the fact that this might be the first time you guys stop posting links lol

  • NesTa

    I Won’t Visit W/O Links LoL

  • dirtysixchambers

    Drops next week! RT @BeYourDamnSelf: @Big_Sean whats up with that tagless #FF3 24 minutes ago via Echofon

    i sure hope soooooooooooooooooooooo.


    lmao @ 2dope scared pussyss

  • Ayyoo

    If you havent figured out the secret its hulkshare.com/2dopeboyz

  • Go ahead and head over to eastexclusives [click my name and it will take you to the site] for the download, idk why they didn’t post it here but enjoy!

  • fuck the 5-0 ANd the department of homeland security but fuck terrorist too

    hard ass track

  • Fuck tha police coming straight from the underground

    someone is gonna report you for that hulk share shit meka and shake are going downnnnn

  • whu


  • FredRico

    Unbelievably great song, and I haven’t even got to the rappers yet!
    Amazing artist Chrisette is, but we are all too busy listening to Nicki Minaj, right?

  • bobbysty;es

    Bout time man , we need more Black Thought Verses out there….I wanna be Free.


    “Pillagers are commin home 5 star Generals” So true. And who but me traced the Arabian roots in this track?

  • Duh

    @whu wwww.hulkshare.com/2dopeboyz

  • DallasUCMR


  • How I Got Over

    Black Thought – Top 5, Dead or Alive

  • What happened to OnSmach and Dajaz1 ???????????????????