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Jay Rock – Black Friday (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 26, 2010

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

Jay Rock – Black Friday (Mixtape)

  • lxlnethinglxl

    alright i was lookin forward to this

  • Yeah this shit is the best material iv’e heard from jay rock in a while, Kendrick & Ab lay down some dope verses too. don’t sleep

  • hiphop

    cover is ass… music cool. but come on.. thats all you could come up with for black friday? and ur mixtape cover? ass….

  • the one from texas

    dawg u checkin for covers or music my nigga! hahahahaha……so what if the artwork ain’t as special what matters most? i would believe it’ll b the music. unless u jus buy albums to look at artwork all day? den yea the cover

  • Co-Sign @ The one from texas-

    @hiphop Who da fuck gives a shit bout the cover? make your own and stop bitchin, And it ain’t that bad nikkuh

  • d.j.

    Why does he use ab-soul and Kendrick for his hooks only? yeah the both make better hooks than he can but let them get a real Verse. Ab-soul and Kendrick and the main reasons I listen to Jay Rock.

  • yugang

    jay rocks mixtape is real solid, definitely better than his last joint. Jay Rock, yeah he is lyrically the weakest link out of the entire top dawg roster but as i said in another post jay rock can be dope when he really goes in lyrically and when he talks about something serious other than the usual gangsta rap shit. You can tell that kendrick & ab has influenced jay rock to step up his bars a lil and rap with more substance. Plus if u dont like jay rock personally at all no matter what then at least download it on the strength of the features from kendrick & ab, the black hippy bonus track (come on who wouldnt want to hear that?), and on the off chance that u might find a few bangers that u can fuck with

  • gill

    def gunna check this out.. TDE

  • mmkayy

    someone gimmy a link to ‘they say’ lol

  • Haha

    Tony yayo’s cover> this cover
    Btw that spi track is pretty dope

  • nathanjones

    @yugang ummm the only verses you’ll hear from both kendrick & ab is on the black hippy track. Those other tracks with them as a feature kendrick is only on the hook on both the songs hes on and the same about ab-soul and that track makin moves featuring ab dont even sound like ab-soul it sounds like someone else spit that third verse. Nice mixtape but i let down a bit that kendrick nor ab only did hooks and not verses.

  • Cool_Out

    @mmkay shut the fuck up faggot

  • Black Hippy >>>

  • ExtraGood909

    Fuck The Police is a dope ass jam

  • ExtraGood909

    Am I trippin or is that really ab-soul on track 10???

  • mmkayy

    @mmkay shut the fuck up faggot

    Cool_Out said this on November 26th, 2010 at 5:51 am

    ^lol…..overreaction much?

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  • Acid_Sav

    no tech n9ne feature?

  • Lil B Violated Shake’s Mom on Thanksgiving…THANK YOU BASED GOD

    The only reason I was gonna download this tape was for a Tech N9ne feature. Strange Music runnin the game.

    But he’s not on it so this is a past for me.

  • Rezo

    I am sure a lot of people will feel me when I say Kendrick Lamar >>>> Jay Rock

  • Eli Porter

    Hov should sign him just cause his name is jay

  • Rezo

    ^^ Jay-Z, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, and Jay Rock? Jay Rock doesn’t even belong mentioned with them haha

  • only downloading for kendrick verses

  • daTROOTH.

    no schoolboy Q feature, come on man!?! but thanks for the mixtape, has some dope tracks on it!

  • Black Hippy Movement

  • George Clooney

    YESSSSS! I can’t wait to listen to this middle of the road dude spit some more of that marginally impressive shit! This is gonna be average!!

  • Rio$

    anybody got a diff link? limelinx sucks ass on my computer for some reason

  • a2

    that is not Ab on money makin moves it doesnt sound like him

  • Clyde Dreskler


  • Black Hippy killin shit

  • TR9NB

    “alright i was lookin forward to this” + 1

  • Joe.

    Only downloading this for the kendrick lamar and ab verses lol.

  • Joe.

    kendrick dont even get a verse just two bitch hooks wtf jayrock.

  • ebonics

    Jay Rock really stepped his game up on this one. He may not be as lyrical as ab or kendrick but the truth of what he is saying makes up for it. TDE is putting out some great music.

  • dubs

    dope looking 4wd to this

  • King23

    LOL. I thought I was the only one who was downloading for the K.Dot verse…well Hook I guess I should say///I wonder what this Mixtape is going to sound like…

  • E

    @ebonics word

  • PRalines


    no Tech!?!

  • jmg

    the money makin moves has to be wrong because the 3rd verse sounds like Juice from Blackwallstreet.

  • slimJim

    dope shit

  • who cares

    someone re-up tha link

  • THC wade

    “file not found”

    wtf are yall doin. fix the link

  • p n

    link is dead? please re-up ne1

  • smashbros

    d34d l1nk

  • YES! i finally get to hear an actual studio project from mr.rock. everything i had before sounded like playlists…and i couldnt judge him off those ones cuz i felt the potential for a serious MC.

  • ……fix the link asshole

  • DisNigRo

    I support these dudes. Heat.

  • Tommy_s

    do any of yall no who’s on “money makin moves”? cuz dat aint ab-soul. but regardless dat nigga kilt it.

  • Big P

    Jay Rock is Real