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Big Sean – Big Nut Bust

blame it on Shake November 27, 2010

Off Travis Barker’s Let the Drummer Get Wicked v.1 mixtape, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Big Nut Bust (prod. The Monsters & Travis Barker) | Mediafre

  • Jonnie

    After reading the title, I expect thought-provoking lyricism on this song..i

  • dinner

    he said it was posta be a funny song, its straight. the name is wild tho

  • whatupsucka

    I wish he was more energetic in his delivery on this song.

  • Q-tip

    big sean born for this song

  • DrE

    saw him make this track on ustream the other mourning

  • WakaJr

    Waka Flocka ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash – “No Hands”

  • gil

    i havent been on this site in a while but one person i knew i’d see when i came on it is jonnie & what do u know he’s the 1st person here

  • Shy

    big sean is using that ben stein delivery.

  • Joker

    lol @ gil, for real… that nigga STAYS on this website hahah. Don’t get offended Jonnie like I’m 83.8% sure you will.

  • garbage

  • What am I supposed to say someone when some asks me what I’m listening?

    “Oh, you know, Big Nut Bust”


  • Jonnie

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  • fail

    ^^ fake Jonnie fail.

  • Jonnie

    ^^^ Yeah, super duper cereal(serious)! =P hehe.

  • Jonnie

    ^^^ Wow, so many fake Jonnie it’s really silly!!!

  • @FakeJonnie MC killers…milk and cereal (serial) GET IT!?…FORGET IT!

  • BLUE


  • big sean is doin big things! good music . rags to riches im on my wayyy to that broccoli

  • **************************

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  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    i am *DEAD* right now at that. hahaha

  • Jonnie

    *standing and waving to his many admirers*

  • Fuck You Bitch

    This 2dbz C-section is starting to look like that nahRight nonsense.

  • @BillyClint get off my dick

  • This is hot tho! lol

  • heeeeeeeres jonnie

    jonnie your lame ass need to do
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    ************************** said this on
    November 27th, 2010 at 9:23 pm
    I’m the real Jonnie, this is the first post I’ve made on here, and how you gonna call my life pathetic when the only thing you even know about it is that I post comments from my phone?

  • heeeeeeeres jonnie

    I mean seriously guys, why are you always calling me out? Just cause I troll this site like I’m paid for it doesn’t mean you have to be big meanies to me. I mean I do this on my phone (I swear, it’s just a big phone with a monitor and keyboard attached that sits on my desk)!

  • #teamroxyreynolds

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  • random

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  • HubertCumberdale

    I wonder if Jonnie is just really fucked up in the head and does the fake/real shit so people pay some attention to him. Poor kids these days, so confused.

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  • t.bigums

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  • the real jonnie

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  • Random

    no bro that jonnie trust me

  • lol

    You know when you stroll through the comments and see at least 7 “Jonnie faces” in the avatar box it’s gonna be an entertaining c-section.

  • Lil B The Based God says “2DopeBoyz needs to post my music or I’m gonna fuck Shake & Meka In the ASS!!!” #NoPope


  • TKO

    Lol @ yall debating on who’s the real or fake jonnie or whether or not he has a life..am I the only nigga here that isn’t concerned about him aka the only nigga here with a life??? This site is shit it’ll be shut down in days anyway I bet yall pussies gonna comit suicide when u realize u can’t read jonnies comments anymore when this site gets shut down lmao

  • Antone

    FFv3 NODJ coming next week! or so he says…

  • Stephanie

    Mz. Drizzy = fake jonnie = grown men with no lives

  • BigHomie

    lol what’s jonnies email? we need a spam bot to send him shit for millions of years!

  • yeah

    TKO, you’re telling us you have a life as you take the time to comment on people here not having a life because they comment about Jonnie, which is what you just did. Irony.

  • I’m Gay


  • We both are.

  • Mz.Drizzy

    Jonnie is a loser, straight up.

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  • 1st – All y’all special.

    2nd – song blows.

  • loser patrol

    Fake jonnie = fake Shake = fake Meka = Mz. Drizzy…this nigga really took the time to make multiple email accounts for gravatar.com so he can have different avatar pics for different emails so he can post under different names in the c-section and fool yall..show yourself you clown! You’ve been exposed! I wouldn’t be suprised if Jonnie never even posted a comment in here LMAO

  • 3774er

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  • Mz.Drizzy

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  • D. $cience

    Pause at the title.

  • loser patrol

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  • swag

    @loser patrol

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  • Mz.Drizzy

    why do you so defensive? hmmm. LMAO!

  • James Blacksmith

    What the fuck is this shit? The title is similar to the song…disappointing.

  • Jonnie

    Alright ill come clean i like big fat chods up my asshole waka flocka is the G.O.A.T and Chris Brown Is My Fuckin Idol man. and Im Addicted to Big Black Cocks MHHHMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

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  • charlie the uniporn

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    Shake said this on November 27th, 2010 at 10:45 pm


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  • James Blacksmith,
    You’ve had bad experiences with big nut busts before?

  • loser patrol

    @swag and how would you know if jonnie lives on here? Are you jonnie? Do you even know if that’s the real jonnie that be posting comments? LMAO $1,000 bucks says the last 8 comments was the same lame except for @charlietheuniporn lol all the homosexual comments under different avatars gave yourself away you clown *facepalm*

  • Mz.Drizzy

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  • on the bright side… Lil Wayne Dedication 4 Letss Goo!!

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  • loser patrol

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  • rofl

    And in addition why would some random dude come on here defending Jonnie? I mean cmon, that makes no god damn sense at all.

  • loser patrol

    @rofl Im not jonnie Im someone else that frequents this site mostly on J. Cole posts and no Im not NYC/BROOKLYN and you must be on this site often to know what commenters type and dont type LMAO

  • loser patrol

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  • white boi

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  • Nicki Minaj’s punchlines

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  • black guy

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  • Early

    Sean is def letting the label tell him how to sounds

  • black guy

    @Nicki Minaj’s punchlines
    your punchlines are weak…eric foreman

  • real Jonnie

    Wow I come back in here and see this fuckery smh anyway that Katsidis vs Marquez fight was dope tho and Andre Berto is the truth knocked that fool out in the first round

  • Nicki Minaj’s punchlines

    @black guy
    My punchlines are weak? That’s the point…pencil

  • mz.Drizzy

    *real mz drizzy speakin* omg i just enter this page and see somone usin my name again, wow this site is lame @stephanie thats not me, i know who the troll is he does the same shit every day,dude needs get a life any one commenting after this is not me *exists c section*

  • dontGetIt

    So true, mad funny.

    Also, just wondering why Ye hasn’t addressed the lack of GOOD Friday’s the past two weeks? I mean, new Big Sean isn’t a bad thing, and this track kinda goes, a little…but it’d be nice to get a joint like Mama’s Boyfriend.

  • that wasn’t the real mz.drizzy

  • George Clooney

    Hey, anybody else think Nicki Minaj got a fat pussy?

  • George Clooney

    Seriously, it’s like a chalupa. Think about it.

  • George Clooney

    Nicki’s pussy is the size of Sean Kingston’s fist.

  • Aye if yall wanna know more about this CIOCA go on Defsounds

  • Vinny

    @dontGetIt you know what I think Kanye is doing. I think he is gonna make a bunch of G.O.O.D. Fridays till’ Christmas like he said but he’s gonna give us ALL the G.O.O.D. Fridays from last week onwards as a Christmas present lol

  • Hello_GoodBye

    @George Clooney yeah that bitch got a real fat pussy. So does Lil’ Kim betchu they got real large clits smfh! ewwwwuweeee *kendrick lamar voice*

  • Shy

    the fuck is wrong with you people???

  • DallasUCMR


  • Kanye isn’t releasing GOOD Fridays so that people can focus on his album. I’m guessing he has something special planned since he says that they will go through the end of January to make up for the missing weeks. be patient. he has blessed us with classics.

  • LonelyStoner

    yep knew that lame batty boy was jonnie would be on here arguing back & forth with niggas u gay ugly lame ass nigga u a lil fruit

  • The name Big Nut Bust comes from that video of that junkie in Philadelphia. It’s called “Big Brutha Thunda & The Big Butt Wonda” or some shit. Nigga google it yourself.

  • Dat NIGGA

    @lonely stoner why care so much about the ppl? looks like your the one who secretly has a crush on this boy. ha.

  • rich

    cool song, instruments are too loud, or Big Sean’s vocals should be turnt up.

  • LonelyStoner

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  • Dat NIGGA

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  • TTT

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  • chyeaahhh

    big sean is the best rapper to ever grace the earth with is amazing lines, great punchlines and superb delivery. he is my hero. he gave more to the world with this nut busting son than Gandhi ever did..


  • frauds

    Lol not even defending @jonnie but I dont think Ive ever seen @LonelyStoner post a comment that doesnt include jonnies name in it lol and he always types the same “ass nigga” in every comment smh

  • Lil Kim has Bars…Jail Cell

    LOL fucking stans

  • twolips

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  • LonelyStoner

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  • whichiswhy

    ^^ you have a life, which is why you’ve continually checked this post and commented multiple comments on here tonight. Irony. Stupid ass nigga.

  • 112 comments for pure garbage?????????

    on top of that 2dope is mad late with this, downloaded this garbage yesterday……wack as fuck

    112 comments for this bullshit is proof that hip hop as a whole LOST and the fans are ridiculously retarded sheep..smh x 1000


  • ?


    dumbass u just admitted u have no life fuck boy

  • LonelyStoner

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  • Teddy

    You guys cant honestly take this song seriously. I mean come on. This obviously a playful song. Big Sean would never put a song like this out as a seriously lyrical song. Its like when Biz Markie raps. Not all of his songs are serious. Some of his shit is just funny. This song is hilarious.

  • ad9esr

    this nigga is so BASIC!!! it gets boring, every song is the exact same thing

  • Yo !

    Good ! but thats not the Better Sound of Big Sean !

  • ggg


  • Parody

    lonelystoner is a white guy using the n word a lot check id twitter out @Lonely_Stoner

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  • swaga04

    ridiculous. the c-section, not the song.

  • the real Jonnie

    Wow I’m still on yall mind? This is my 3rd comment on here lol at yall assuming any1 that clowns on you for worrying about my life is really me, yall just a bunch of co-signers and followers and insulting me is the cool thing to do and @LonelyStoner stop using “nigga” everybody knows you’re white and stop threatening ppl aint nobody scared of u

  • swaga04

    yeah, everybody’s thinking bout jonnie while they’re listening to Big Nut Bust. fags.

  • Spear–

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    You guys must have the combined intellect of a pea.

  • T0KS

    Man this song Rocks hahahah . Shit not even lyrical or nothin. Its just a song u Can party to. Sean needed that

  • Nicki Minaj’s punchlines

    @Spear Mz. Drizzy is a dude..RuPaul

  • AfroSamurai

    Big Sean is cool but this shit is lame the nigga sound like he’s half-asleep or sum shit

  • daMan

    damn Big Sean, i miss when he madr songs like who knows, million dollars, now he just listenin to the label, He need to take notes from kanye or common

  • A lot of grown men in here feeling way too comfortable calling this dude “Big Sean”

  • ffoe

    jonnie u a lame bitch i wish death upon u & your family u lame

  • This song is sooooo passable! A lil funny but boring too! Sometimes Big Sean and Drake just sound so much alike, just can help but think about it everytime I hear them spit! I like both mc’s but this way below the quality of music I been hearing in the last fees weeks! It’s too bad Kanye’s qlbum dropped already cuz he said Good Fridays are only gonna happen until record comes out

  • lame

    @ffoe youre obsessed with jonnie, everybodys been done talking about him and youre still goin

  • ffoe


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  • lame

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  • HermesThiefGod

    *dead* @

    jonnie […] how many birthdays have u spent on this site???

    ************************** said this on November 27th, 2010 at 9:23 pm

  • T0KS

    Man , Did All of the people above me have a Full Blown Blog Page War because some nigga named johny left a supid comment???


  • lame

    ^pretty much..c-section = high school

  • yeezy


    u picked the right name buddy you’re lame as shit wtf are u still doing on here you’re either that other lame thats always on here or just some new lame either way please kill yourself lame

  • Ms.G

    I still can’t believe Big Sean is from the D. Smh.

  • shane

    hope this is unfinished cause it can be mastered so much better

  • Chris Borges

    big sean be good but still no. 3 on upcoming artists

  • sigh…..

    SMH at this whole comment section. This sites comment section is slowing turning into worldstarhiphops comment section.