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DJ Kay Slay – 60 Second Assassins f. Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista & Jaz-O

blame it on Shake November 29, 2010

Kay Slay gathers a few select quick spitters for his first leak off his upcoming Rhyme Or Die project. Shouts to DJ Xalence.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Kay Slay – 60 Second Assassins f. Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone, Twista & Jaz-O | Mediafire

  • madenmiami305


  • Corey S

    Wow…Can’t believe Twista and Lazy worked together after the hardcore beef they had but yeah Layzie killed it yezzir!!!

  • killa

    busta is so underrated…

  • word

    wheres papoose?

  • killa

    he cant rap fast enough

  • spooky

    Twista is so underrated….

  • krsdalife


  • killa

    spooky’s mom is overrated….

  • AirYeezy

    Yes…. Yes

  • Sioha

    WOW FLAME FLAME this bangs

  • spooky


  • SikNIN

    They need Tonedeff, Tech N9ne, Cory Gunz, and Krayzie Bone. Irregardless, Busta’s verse had me spazzing.

  • Capitan Rivera

    yee tech n9ne i agree!

  • This shit goes. Busta went fuckin’ bananas for sure. And fuckin’ Jaz-O?!?! Haven’t heard that nigga in a long time, craaazy. Dope track regardless

  • Murder

  • MrJackson

    @spooky ahahahahaaahahahah that was funny #WillowJacksonMusic

  • nice


  • whoa, busta been goin crazy recently… hes finally back wit that fast flow!!! im glad especially cuz of how much his slow flow sucks IMO… i guess eminem goin off got him inspired… im anticipatin an album from him at this point…

  • George Clooney


    Busta killed it right from the gate. I guess that Em coulda hopped on this shit since he’s on that doubletime shit now.

  • GR

    @zany blunts What he really needs back is his retarded flow, on Scenario. “Rahhh, rahhh! Like a dungeon dragon!”

  • mmkayy

    niceee… is this song tryna prove there are rappers spittin faster than Eminem??!?! lol

  • Nick

    Mystikal should have been on it to rep the dirty! He should go bar for bar with Busta one more time for old time sake! Those were the days!

  • is it me or did lazy get slow with his flow? it sounds like he is breathing too much in that shittt

  • GODr.

    Thank god Eminem isn’t on this one. Tech N9ne instead of that Bone garbage would have been better.

  • MrWill

    They got the WRONG BONE! Damn you Layzie.

  • Djurikson

    Jaz O XD really still

  • Curtis75Black

    DAMN !!

  • jaz-o killed that

  • Shout out Jaz-0 still killin’ shit.

  • slipper

    cosign @MrWill, theres bizzy and krayzie bone u fools! damn

  • Og_lo

    Kyazie and Bizzy bone shoulda been on this shit……And tech9ne toooo. It woulda been Bomb…..This is dope but the midwest choppers is ill

  • Oooooooooouh ! Puissant là !

  • J-Willy

    anyone else notice the misspelling of “Assassins” on the cover?

  • yep

    Everybody ran that shit….JAZ-O rippped!!

  • Yo Momma’s BFF

    Layzie did his thing, As long as you have a BONE member on this track I will be pleased. MIDWEST 4 LIFE

  • Mr. Miranda

    nice to see my man Jaz on this joint!

  • Sean

    part 2 featuring Eminem, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, and Krayzie Bone

    …needs to happen.

  • jd

    The hot shit! very few guys can spit cleanly fast like Busta did rite there.

  • Skylar

    Too bad the beat isn’t fast. That’s the true test of a fast rapper to me, whether they can keep shit moving on an uptempo beat.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    i agree with the(some)homies above,krayzie instead of lazy,tech nine,neva of crucial conflict,t-rock,yelawolf,eminem and spice 1.almost forgot,ludacris,and shauna or the brat if you want to throw some girls in it 2

  • ^ i agree. i could do without em tho and bizzy would be the bone member i d pick. how bout 3 stacks, yelawolf, tech n9ne and pharoah monch.

    everybody killed it tho good cut!

  • MartyMackFlyy

    1 more [email protected] disagree,its easier to spit fast over a fast tempo.the real challenge comes when you can spit fast over a slower tempo.thats why twista is the best at it.try spitting fast over twista’s “get it wet” beat,i bet you its harder than calculus.

  • stompintom

    this = automatic download

  • busta rhymes baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bodied this shit lazy and twis u allready jazzzzzzzzzzo this shit fire baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii