• LonelyStoner

    "These Motherfuckers Can't Fathom The Wizardry,Slow Mo Brain Assed Backward Cowards" -MesCuDi

  • LonelyStoner

    Can you stop being a fucking stan!?

  • Stan

    no i cannot bitch suck my dick hoe

  • Polish.czar

    lol just googled cocaine slang mojo is one of em I bet most stans do not know this

  • http://www.bnnnnn.com xb

    and did you know that slang does not mean anything

  • http://youtube.com/baysick basick

    fuck kid cudi go listen to the AZ

  • Jordell

    @ basick why not both homie

  • Ashin’ Kusher

    @ Jordell word, I'll be listening to both soon as I get my hands on that Doe or Die 15th tomorrow.

  • J.Cole>Wayne

    for a depressed as muthafucker, he sure looks happy ha.
    cudi is just one of those dudes that you want to smoke with!

  • Kerry Figs

    Lovely life.

  • MojoDope

    This was so dope

  • k3

    kid cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>

  • MojoDope

    Song of the Year

  • seb

    blaze up