• RatatattMatt

    The modern day sword, I can't wait to slay shit with this on hand! Stylish, classy and AK x Masta Killa? This is coming home with me for SURE! ZOOO! that's the call for the WU! AK ya'll got to come up with something to call your troops in!!

  • massappeal

    i got that hiero jacket; shit's mad small! i normally wear 2xl in everything, but it did say it ran about a size small, so i got a 3xl. i got it & it barely fit my cousin who wears an xl! i know im not small, but i shouldnt have to wear a 4xl.

  • snufflelupagus

    Ak is on point. Too bad there shit gets sold out so fast I can't compete with these niggas that jump on it.

  • BobbyVision

    AK always comes through with the holiday heat.One step ahead of these.....