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Curren$y Talks Pilot Talk 2, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa (Video)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2010

In the 4th and 5th episodes of Talking Fly w/ Shaheem Reid, Spitta speaks about his new album (above), the possibility of working with Lil Wayne again and upcoming collaborations with Wiz Khalifa.

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  • W.Beemen

    wow…First and….”yeah now it gets different, done. These 13 are an album.” Take that Blueprint…

  • that would be amazing him and wayne on a track

  • Boy2Dope

    LMFAO he basically said he doesn’t want to work with Wayne


    u could tell the last person he wanna he wanna speak about is Lil Wayne.. He didn’t even mention his name hahaha..

  • spoof

    Young money on the tour bus part 1..where the fuck is money drugs bitches liquor.
    JETS ova errthing

  • theFlagAmerican

    He was so shook about Wayne. He just wanted to say FUCK NO I’M NOT FUCKIN WIT THAT FUCK NIGGA!

  • Hahaha so glad Spitta don’t wanna work with Wayne again…he didn’t even wanna say that niggas name


    Is Pilot talk 2 really a dope album ? Or did he put it out to fast , should he have recorded more and then dropped next year ?


  • BOi

    Forklift Lifting My Nuts Up Cause Its Going To Be A Very………….. BIG NUT BUST :)

  • Shy

    Spitta > wayne

  • spoof

    I hope muscle car chronicles Is chock full of stuff like 4 hours 20 min..pt1 n 2 are sclamazing but lack that hard raw (|| >) spitta you hear on joints like Up Here, Scared of Monstas


    Spitta let his fitted sit high cuz he is really on his.. grind lol

  • @spoof < co-sign

  • @Rebel
    I liked Pilot Talk II. Pitchfork gave it an 8.2 which means they love it and pitchfork is usually stingy when it comes to hip hop. So that’s a good indicator.

  • @Rebel check out the leak if you LIKE it…BUY THE ALBUM if you don’t delete it from your computer

  • that would be amazing him and wayne on a track

    didodo said this on November 30th, 2010 at 11:48 pm


  • My Momma Told Me.. You Know The Rest.

    iWanna Hear That Spitta & Kanye Track Eva Since Ye Said He Wanna Do A Track With Em & Wanna Hear That How Fly II *Only If Wiz Step His Game Back Up*

  • CloudKicka

    Pilot Talk 2 narrowly tops Pilot Talk 1….straight fire JETS


    both are dope albums but those 5 guitar notes on michael knight from pilot talk 2 hurt my ears.

  • ?uestion_Mark

    @My Momma Told Me.. When did Kanye say he wanna do a track with Spitta?!?


    Pilot Talk 1 production > Pilot Talk 2
    Curren$y on Pilot Talk 2 > Pilot Talk 1

  • peacexpiece

    PT2 was a much more smoother album. I like PT1 more, it has more songs I love and PT2 only has about 3-4.
    Im glad he aint syced to work with wayne they wouldnt make a good collab. these days they are are two different lanes.

  • Teddy

    @ Micheal Knight

    Got that from Dom Kennedy.

    But yea man I know Curren$y get tired of them Lil Wayne questions. People think he aint sayin nothin about him cause he afraid. But me bein a passive person I know thats not the case. He just dont want to say how he really feel and have the rest of career based off what he said and have to deal with all the drama and bullshit that will go with that. He dont want to be bothered with dude.


    @Teddy yuuppp i know lol, like the whole hook to the Real Estates song is parts from Dom’s verse to Racing Stripes w/ Spitta on the Smokee Robinson mixtape

  • one


  • dreski

    it sound like he said “Fuck dem niggas” at 0:45

  • RickJamesBitch

    @one I co-sign on that

  • DJ 122

    Famous and Flight Briefing are nice. Famous is one the better smokin songs I heard in awhile.

    But I liked Roasted and Audio Dope II more than anything on Pilot Talk II. Both albums nice though.

  • jetlife

    lol spitta that nigga.. twistin up is like riding a bike to him looked like he went through that whole 2nd vid rollin a doob subconsciously while talkin to dude bout the ym shit

  • H.

    pilot talk II was way better than i expected. oh and fuck young money

  • theheartbeat

    is it just me or did anyone feel like a large part of Wiz’s reason for declining to tour with Drake was to honor Currensy who doesn’t fuck w/ Wayne/YM??? That’s some real nigga shit…

  • ruffin>heartbeats

    thats just you bruh bruh.. wiz was already sellin out shows on the deal or no deal tour and he had planned a bigger one after the success (waken baken tour) way before being approached by drake.. why be an opening act for someone when you can be the headline?

  • Don’t WOWWY

    I think Curren$y should do a song with Wayne since both are much much popular than the last time they did shit together if he does that one song and kills Wayne on it because we all know he will, he’ll be way over with everyone

  • smokey


  • M

    [Lil Wayne]
    All I have in this world is a pistol and a promise
    A fist full of dollars, a list full of problems
    I’ll address them like P.O. Boxes
    Yeah I’m from New Orleans, the Creole cockpit
    We so out of it, zero tolerance
    Gangsta gumbo, I’ll serve ’em a pot of it
    I’m wealthy, still fuckin wit that block shit
    Wet your ass up, head to feet til your sock a drip
    Don’t strip, you might fall and bust your ass
    No snakes at the carter, tell the gardener to cut the grass
    I hear ’em but they talking under mass
    Stop throwing pebbles at a bulletproof glass
    That’s Cash Money, honey pie
    We ain’t runnin, we don’t hide sayin fuck the other side
    Don’t get caught on it, this the dailiest grind
    I’ll put your heart on it and walk on it
    The chalks only for the art homie
    How they trace ya after I erase ya
    Look around, we at war and you still in preparation
    I’m riding for them reperations, No patience
    Slow paper is better than no paper
    Fast money don’t last too long, you gotta pace it
    You gotta know that paper
    If you got it from a caper, you gotta blow that paper
    Gotta know that photo fobia, no kodak moments
    Feds walls with my pictures on ’em
    Nah, I ain’t even in the school yearbook
    I don’t do too much posin, got a cool killer look
    Career crook, get your career took
    I’m back like a brazeer hook
    Bitch cheer, camoflauge gear, the hunter’s here
    Better play it by ear, you ain’t nothing but a deer
    Around here and this here is The Carter
    Serve it while it’s hot out the pot to your mama
    And Slim tell me ain’t nobody hotter
    But get your boys some different sauce, I want the whole enchilada
    I got ’em by the collar, watch me drop ’em
    On the head at the bottom
    You ain’t gotta shoot ’em cause I already shot ’em
    And I ain’t gotta get ’em cause I already got ’em
    Get ’em

  • My Momma Told Me.. You Know The Rest

    @ ?uestion_Mark

    Ye said it on his Funk Flex Interview Witha Pusha T

  • Nathaniel

    “the order that shit went into my itunes, that was it”
    I fucking love you Curren$y

  • smuckers

    @ spoof

    That was because Monsta Beatz was producing more for him back then. They came with hard beats. But, now that Spitta has Ski as his beat buddy, they are doing this for a bit.

    You said it yourself, it’s not like PT I & II were bad.


  • red

    Funny, Birdman cuts Curren$y but he keeps Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist around.
    Might as well keep the hood dumb rather than expose them to real music though right?

  • Vash The Stampede

    PT I > PT II but man spitta needs to get back on some south beats for a while cuz that ski beats shit just aint cutting it for me and im the only person that matters. Nah some of its good but eh..

  • Damn yall niggaz act like yall know exactly what went down between spitta and wayne…………Over analyzing shit and shit, it aint even all that. Just take spittas word as truth and whatever happens in the future happens, niggaz lookin mad clonelike these days.

  • My Momma Told Me.. You Kno The Rest.

    Ima Jus Put It Like This Both Albums Dope Af Nonetheless But

    Pilot Talk – More Of A Album Feel
    Pilot Talk II – Felt More Like A Mixtape, Way More Chilled & Relaxed.


    Im a fan of Spitta , all day but what I was tryin to say is- Is it wise to put out albums Just as fast as he used to put out mixtapes ? I think pilot talk 1 is dope but dont think he spent enough time on part 2. It sounds like its missin somethin. 2nd , Spitta aint trippin on cash money , they are not a threat to him. Not speakin on wayne is just keepin in G , why start a beef if it aint about money , and you cant gain nothin from it. Currensy is still on the come up. Cash money is goin on their 10th year of world wide dominance. You cant beef with them unless you got your weight up big time. You cant compare Spittas following to a 100million dollar empire , and thats no dis to the Planes. Its just the truth.