• amp

    wow @ nobody speaks

  • http://qn5.com come on people?

    how is there only one comment?

    listen to album, music speaks for itself. shake, bump this up. do we really need a video from kanye about Kim Kardashian or all these blog rappers. people need to open up there minds and try something new, not just the hot label pushed but they wont say it artist.

  • BAM93

    I'll most likely be buying a physical copy.

  • JonJonson

    This album is raw fire knockin your granny's tooth out. Buy it!

  • Djmc1200

    This album is sick as fuck! It's like a whole CunninLynguists LP, but with Sheisty Krhist lol who has gotten really really good since i last heard him

  • G-u-ill

    F*ckin Crack.

  • greeneyed bandit

    this shit is fucking fuego!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inIECM1S8s4&feature=related BillyClintBackwood

    from the intro alone i thought damnnn i need to get this
    aint heard wholesome music like this for a while!

  • Dave

    hell yea this is the shit

  • And Won

    Why aren't there more comments? Has the 2BZ community become this teeny bopping? Sleeping on this album is not recommended.

    "Why must you believe somethin is fat
    Just because it's played on the radio, 20 times per day?"

    Wake up 2BZ.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Pretty ordered the physical and was planning to wait until I received that to listen but I just could not resist.
    Shit is dope, just as I had expected.

  • GeorgeJames

    2010 belongs to QN5/APOS Music. Another solid release! Go cop this shit you will not regret it. The ending track Final Call is a mind-blowing piece of art!

  • Dilaawar

    So what are the chances of Sheisty becoming the 4th member of the linguistics. The chemistry between deacon and sheisty is crazy, the kill every fucking verse oh my god.

  • moon1483

    Just played through. Def coping this one. Deserves a repat listen while i finish this bs paper. Does Qn5 ever come weak? I think not

  • Wyatt

    Nice dude thanks

  • enthusiasm

    Your ears are going to hate you if you don't please them right! Do so by purchasing this release!

  • Steven

    Sheisty just goes wild on these tracks! Really awesome album!!

  • xastey

    shocked to see so little responses, dope album

  • http://www.fannypackninjas.com mrobbs

    This is sik.

  • Jrid

    Made my ears bleed and my neck snap. Instant classic, which i think just knocked off death is silent (sorry kno) for album of the year. Nobody speaks, is one of the dopest song in a longggg time. Keep em commin QN5, you guys own all hip-hop right now, and Chico/oneiology still gotta drop...damn.damn.damn!!!

  • http://neogaf.com HiResDes

    This is fucking amazing, I will be ordering a physical copy.

  • Jon


  • Per

    Keep em commin QN5, you guys own all hip-hop right now, and Chico/oneiology still gotta drop…damn.damn.damn!!!

    Jrid said this on December 2nd, 2010 at 3:49 am


    CATM isn't coming until '11.
    Dunno about Oneirology, but my guess is it goes for that as well.

    Been waiting for this.. Deacon The Villain is such an underrated artist, kills it on the mic, Nate Dog with the hooks and has turned into an amazing producer as well! And Sheisty Khrist?! If you're reading this: START DROPPING ALBUMS!! Kills every verse.

  • JonesDeini

    This is a great album right here, I haven't brought an album in a while, this will be my first.

  • JonesDeini


  • http://neogaf HiResDes

    The only mediocre song is the one with the shitty rock hook.

  • http://neogaf HiResDes

    So how do we know if we are part of the first 100 or not?

  • http://neogaf.com Hiresdes

    This ships today, Shake give it a bump