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Joe Budden Settles Just Blaze Mix Up (Video)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2010

As most of you can recall, there was a slight issue between Just Blaze and Joe Budden involving a beat used on Mood Muzik 4. Joey chops it up with RapFix about the origin of the track and how him and Blaze have since settled their differences.

“When we were creating the Slaughterhouse album I got a beat from Emile; real talented guy, I love him,” Joe Budden said. “I recorded to it right there on the spot. I planned on using it for The Great Escape but that didn’t happen at the time. So I said let me put this out on Mood Muzik 4. I love the record, I’d love for the fans to hear it.”

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According to Budden, despite repeated calls he wasn’t able to reach Emile to get proper permission to use the track but decided to use the record anyway figuring the producer’s consent was a no brainer. It wasn’t until the album was already pressed up, and while Budden was boarding a plane heading overseas, that he finally heard back from Emile, who told him that it was actually Just Blaze that produced the track. So Budden’s reunion with Blaze, who produced the biggest hit, “Pump It Up” from off the rapper’s self-titled first album, was totally unintentional.

“In my head I’m like, ‘Am I in the f–king Matrix or some shit?’ ” asked Jumpoff Joe. “I haven’t got a beat from Just Blaze since who knows how long, this can’t be his beat.”

Shortly after Blaze’s Twitter tirade the two spoke on the phone and chalked up the situation to a misunderstanding. Budden apologized and was sympathetic to the producer’s concerns.

“Just also comes from that school of integrity,” Budden said. “He just wants the music to be heard the way that it’s supposed to be heard.”

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  • so Emile got in the studio with Joe and gave him a Just Blaze beat… how did that occur, am i missing somehting?

  • villain he said emile SENT him the beat

    and fuck that background music for being louder than joe


    Who really cares? Joey B did the beat justice.

  • mofo

    what beat are they talking about

  • v

    @mofo…Stuck in the Moment

  • Ruffski

    Fuck this Jerk…..

  • JayElec

    I’m pretty sure that beat is produced by someone else, probably Emile, because it just loops the intro to Just Blaze’s beat for Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine”.

  • Crates

    So… Emile had a beat from Just Blaze and didn’t realize it when he gave it to Budden? That sounds sketch as hell. Whoever this Emile guy is , if I was Just Blaze I’d have a talk with dude.

  • Fan


  • stackn101

    Emile is supra dope he does abuncha trax 4kidcudi. n joeys mood muzik4 and whole series is fire. justblaze should throw joe more beats, mixtape joints, that aint costn 2mucho paper