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    so Emile got in the studio with Joe and gave him a Just Blaze beat... how did that occur, am i missing somehting?

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    villain he said emile SENT him the beat

    and fuck that background music for being louder than joe


    Who really cares? Joey B did the beat justice.

  • mofo

    what beat are they talking about

  • v

    @mofo...Stuck in the Moment

  • Ruffski

    Fuck this Jerk.....

  • JayElec

    I'm pretty sure that beat is produced by someone else, probably Emile, because it just loops the intro to Just Blaze's beat for Jay Electronica's "Dear Moleskine".

  • Crates

    So... Emile had a beat from Just Blaze and didn't realize it when he gave it to Budden? That sounds sketch as hell. Whoever this Emile guy is , if I was Just Blaze I'd have a talk with dude.

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  • stackn101

    Emile is supra dope he does abuncha trax 4kidcudi. n joeys mood muzik4 and whole series is fire. justblaze should throw joe more beats, mixtape joints, that aint costn 2mucho paper