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Slang Editorial: They’re Gonna Blame Us Regardless

blame it on Meka November 30, 2010

The crazy shit you read on the Internets sometimes…

READ: Slang Editorial: They’re Gonna Blame Us Regardless

  • LOL meka was this written in damn code?
    u threw in a couple paragraphs to throw the “fuzz” of the scent

  • _BigJerm

    In an effort to be better heard, a repost.

    While I respect you for what you do, Meka, I must say this. When it comes to writing these blogs you pick the most pointless, bullshit, stupid fucking ideas ever. And you know what? Of course you do, that’s why you do it. It works.

    Well for once try writing about something relevant, something that might not get you the same attention, but something that could make a difference.

    You sir, are a founder of one of the most read hip-hop blogs on the INTERNET. That covers a hell of a lot of people. So how about you post something about how your NMC (OnSmash, Dajaz1) brethren went down a couple of days ago? I’m not saying that you don’t support them, but damn, you sure don’t show it in the public (internet) realm.

    You have the ability to INFORM people, to make people angry, to feel something, to incite change. I can only hope that one day I will be in your position. And yeah, I saw what you did there. Nothing.

  • niggar


  • Don’t worry about it

    Meka- Nigga are you serious?
    Must be nice to not be about shit on a daily.

  • DK

    @BigJerm cosign

  • EEZY541

    I thought it was hilarious….

    You guys must not actually read all his blogs. Maybe some are considered “Throw Aways” to most, but damn, this is the internet as some of you are stating….people need to relax a bit.

  • as

    lol people only comment on meka posts to hate…and rightfully so dude is a horrible writer

  • hmmmm

    I don’t think you guys “get it”

  • _BigJerm


    That’s the thing man, there are COUNTLESS people that are paying attention to the media, but they are checking 2dope on the regular and Meka has the opportunity to inform them. And what does he do? Nothing. He’s preachin’ to the choir in all honesty, the only people that will understand what he’s doing are the people that already know the situation.

    It’s a wasted opportunity, flat out.

  • _BigJerm

    that aren’t paying attention* haha, my bad on the mistakes

  • BlindsidedXIX

    @hmmmmm i dont think they get it either lol

  • theheartbeat


    you are a fucking idiot. clearly, all the other NMC and popular hip hop blogs are under increasing amounts of scrutiny. if you’ve looked at any of the posts since the ‘onsmash’ and ‘dajaz’ bust, you will realize a lot less label-inquired songs have been posted. you will also realize that some songs are being streamed only, so they’ll have the latest songs available to listen to, but not to distribute to the public.

    Why the fuck would he want to write an article blatantly bashing Homeland Security after what happened to those other blogs? In this article, “They’re Gonna Blame Us Regardless”, Meka begins and concludes about the On Smash-Homeland Security scenario in it’s introduction and conclusion CLEARLY, but it’s only apparent to people informed on the subject. He ties in two different subjects and their similarities with the Feds (Homeland & On Smash, Butt Implants Surgeries & Anivia Cruz-Dilworth injecting Bathroom Caulk), and does it without name dropping anything too specific about the blog scenario.

    It’s not that he isn’t writing about something relevant, it’s that you’re a fucking retard.

  • theheartbeat

    Oh and you may try to take what I said here and flip it so before you do, let me address what I meant when I said, “Meka begins and concludes about the On Smash-Homeland Security scenario in it’s introduction and conclusion CLEARLY, but it’s only apparent to people informed on the subject.”

    The last thing anyone with common sense would wanna do is fuck up their income. If you’re getting enough income a month to get your rent paid by running a website that generates revenue off advertisements… yeah, I wouldn’t want to risk that, that’s my livelihood. At the same time, there’s a way to speak out on the issues that bothers you. He recognized that AND found a way to be creative about it.

    I hardly post, but I found it ridiculous that you were aware of the NMC-On Smash situation and didn’t understand the article AND had the nerve to bash it. It’s okay, I understand — just say you’re sorry for being retarded.

  • _BigJerm

    Right. Let’s just stand by and hope they don’t fuck with the rest of the blogs while. Like they don’t already know that 2Dope exsists and puts up links to, although usually provided by the music company, technically illegal sharing of files.

    The Gov’t isn’t the one who gives a fuck, it’s the music companies that are telling the gov’t what to do. And 2Dope happens to be in a unique position where they are big enough that the music companies won’t fuck with the completely until they need to because 2Dope has a huge influence.

    You can say that they’re just trying to becareful or whatever, but you’d be kidding yourself if #1 you think the gov’t is behind this (they are just the puppet), #2 The corporations (the real people behind it all) don’t already know about 2dope and #3 The people working for them don’t understand what Meka was talking about if they even cared enough to read it. It wasn’t like Meka’s metaphor was actually a good one or anything, it was actually fairly simple, blatant and honestly, stupid.