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Snoop Dogg – Wet

blame it on Shake November 30, 2010

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Originally crafted for Prince William’s bachelor party; Wet will also act as the next single from Snoop’s upcoming album, Doggumentary Music, dropping in March of next year.

DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg – Wet (prod. The Cataracs) | Mediafire

  • KidCassette

    we need the old snoop back damnit not this

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  • kk

    Cyrano Is The Producer. I Don’t Think The Other Dude Even Helps Him

  • NYCityREP


  • LMFAO this shit is fucking terrible

  • joe

    what happened with “Doggystyle 2″… (I’m glad he’s not doing it) but why isn’t he doing it anymore?

  • Mike


  • Mr. 2012

    Can’t even lie, the song ain’t that good, but it has HIT SONG written all over it. Though I do see why he ain’t goin with the Doggystyle 2 title for the album, hahaha

  • nate

    wtf this is the cataracs song with snoops singing it all this time; what a ripoff of the cataracs at least they get a shout

  • this shit go hard

  • Dia

    snoop sound super soft on this track, i hate to say it but i dont like his version. ill stick with my cataracs version

  • l3lackstar

    This is not forward progress for Snoop. This doesn’t even sound like he’s trying anymore, what a sell out.

    Also, I thought the sequel to Doggystyle was Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary. I haven’t heard that he changed it to Doggumentary Music.

  • Teddy

    We all know this is a hit. But I never thought he would do another Autotune song. I mean liked “Sexual Eruption,” it was a good song in general. But I expected something more like his last album it was a bit more Snoop and I liked that Jerkin song he had.

    But you know what would be nice… If he actually started helping some West Coast cats out. Him and all the other veterans.

  • Detroit89

    Oh snoop dogg, honestly i know u want to make a hit but please just do music your good at. I am sorry this is obviously intended to be a hit. but its a fail. it sounds like he is singing in a faucet is dripping somewhere. i dont get it

  • KidCassette

    how is this honestly forward progress especially for the music genre we call hiphop yes it may be a hit but so is pretty boy swagg i could really give a damn its all about makin good music not saying it has to be about lyrisiscim all the time or somebody spittin knowledge but cmon yall know this shit is wack

  • straightkillah

    …honestly, has snoop dogg ever dropped a really good album (besides Doggystyle, which i list to every now and then…)

    oh and this isn’t a rhetorical question, i never followed snoop at all so im curious

  • Hmm

    Whatever he’s proven he can rap and do it successfully, why not have some fun and do a track like this? It was probably a great time recording it high as hell. I think it’s pretty good, i’m sure it will grow on me even more.

  • Real Talk

    This would bang in a Scrip Club! I ain’t mad at it. I can see the booties bouncing to the beat in my mind. Niiiiiiiiiiiiccccccce!

  • Peter Parker

    Snoop ,u smoke too much,literally ,get off
    i was cool listen till pad tha cost,and lets get blown and drop it like its.. music style but c’mon whats up,new style but no this sir

  • bon

    She bout to slob on dat knob like corn on da C.O.B!!!!

  • E.T.Beatz

    Mannnn snoop This song is sikk n all but i expect this from lil wayne snoop needs to go hard on g funk or some sikk beats he is going to hard for the media n not the fans

  • red

    I can’t wait to hear this when I’m downtown.
    All you complaining about the song need to experience going to a club.
    I can forsee many remixes of this song.

  • balls

    if i made this song i wouldnt let anyone else hear it because it is absolute garbage. i would be embarrassed i were him.

  • DirtyDanSanchez

    Snoop dogg is a legend show respect… n straight killa, how can you say he hasnt had a good album when hes only had 9 platinum albums… and doggystyle is one of the best albums all time fasho

  • black guy

    lol like red would do anything in the club

  • this shit goes lol.
    he’s sold out but you kno its a hit.

  • wet

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahhaha WACK

  • asf

    WTF happed to the ’93 gangsta funk SNOOP that i listen to? now he uses auto tune???? damn, im glad i dont listen to him anymore, the only album i own by him is DOGGYSTYLE and i’m proud of that

  • red

    Yeah because the club is some mystical place that only guidos and guidettes can go to.

    I’ll be downtown this weekend.

  • rofl

    “WTF happed to the ’93 gangsta funk SNOOP that i listen to?” umm… what happened is that time elapsed, SURPRISE. If you weren’t aware it’s 2010, and again this may shock you but music has evolved. If you want old Snoop then buy his old albums, LATE.

  • poos


  • Ms.G

    I miss the old snoop dogg. *starts to cry in autotune*

  • blazer

    sounds cool in the beginning but I got sick of it before it was over.

  • T.Jets23

    Snoop Needs To Make Better Music Or Just Retire

  • starpower

    this is some of the most disappointing shit ive listened to in a while


    They’re called trends people. Learn about em, because that’s how the world turns. What’s in is what SELLS. This is gonna be sped up and gonna be a certified club banger for sure, and that’s it.

  • FuckYouPayMe

    Of course my nerd ass instantly spotted the Akira OST sample that’s present throughout the entire song.


    sounds like a weird version of lolipop… cant we just see the DOA already

  • mz.Drizzy

    TRASH ! wtf snoop ! gives this to soulja boy

  • the new “Lolipop” (by Weezy of Course !) ? Version Snoop !

  • Don’t worry about it

    Snoop with his excellent Drake impression. lol

  • Don’t worry about it

    Real talk though, this is gonna be a hit.

  • this shit is wack

  • IceTré

    Prince William is gonna be like “the fuck?” when snoop sings this at his bachelor party.

  • *deeeeeeeeeeeaaad at this being used at p.williams bachelor party

  • don king

    Absolute dogshit

  • JamStarr

    …Just as I thought he couldn’t sell out anymore than he already did, he does this shit. I’m officially done with Snoop.

  • hahahah

    hahahahah to ALL you know Kanye dick riders, nigga couldn’t even do 500,000 first week. would you all shut the fuck up now? THANKS!

  • Dre Nova

    this shit is dope!! If t has a cool video its a wrap!!! W

  • UK Man

    Let’s face it – Snoop made one decent album. The rest had a few good songs but were largely shit. His music’s been garbage for a long time, so why people seem surprised this is shit, I don’t know.



  • c

    he fuckin up his career

  • LodiDodi

    soon to be heard in strip clubs across the country everywhere, and some parts of Mexico

  • iginlafire

    “we need the old snoop back damnit not this” – KidCassette

    “…honestly, has snoop dogg ever dropped a really good album (besides Doggystyle, which i list to every now and then…)” – straightkillah

    Doggystyle Snoop = The D.O.C. ghostwriting for him = classic shit
    Post-Doggystyle Snoop = Snoop writing his own lyrics = laughably awful pure shit

  • Sean Ross

    you know how people say “if Biggie, Pac, and Big L were still around they’d never sell out and make music like this”…well if snoop got shot back in the 90’s like ‘pac did we would be sayin “snoop dogg? naw no way he would make shit like this, he’d still be on his gangster shit”
    …real disappointed to hear this bullshit. I thought sexual seduction was just a fluke. guess i was wrong.