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Yonas – I Could

blame it on Shake November 30, 2010

Off Yonas’ yet-to-be-titled album, dropping February 14th.

DOWNLOAD: Yonas – I Could (prod. Sean Divine) | Mediafire

  • ghettoblaster

    gay ass nigga tryna look like fab

  • George Clooney


  • chip

    one of the best young cats out. dont even have to listen first. every track is a must download.

  • xb

    @ghettoblaster i respect your opinion. Yonas is ill. better than fab

  • chip

    such a nice track


    This was a clean presentation the way its on the 2dopeboyz front page.

  • brendon

    cosign @chip this nigga stays dropping heat I’ve never heard a song I didn’t like by him and I’ve heard like 10

  • Krypton

    DAMN. this guy hasn’t put out a bad…slash that…average song yet. I might be goin out on a limb but this might be the most consistent rapper i’ve heard to date. 5 out of 5.

  • nito

    is he signed?

  • SillyFlowz

    Damn that hook is catchhhhyyy! ‘I could’ hear this on the radio for days, keep at it Yonas!

  • That A

    Holy shit, I’m racist. This is like the third guy with a fitted hat and black sunglasses I think look like Big Sean.

  • Faubs

    yonas doin his thing

  • Scrubz

    str8 crack. each song is better and better from this guy.

  • red

    This is supposed to be the single off his CD

  • Purp

    He went hard for a single lol

  • Bawlz Deep

    hook is epic!

  • Dang, I’m about to reach out to this guy. Sounds like a beat I would make. He’s pretty sick.

  • Saol

    he’s pretty dope, but also sounds a lot like big sean, aka drake without the annoying voice

  • JBroadous

    he looks like t.o.

  • Leon

    yonas > big sean

  • Dialekt

    He sounds nothing like Big Sean, Yonas is definitely in the same category with Gilbere Forte, Voli, etc. for other great emcees being slept on by most of the population. I hope he blows up and reaps the benefits of his talents.

  • Yonas (Cause) is very iLL and has been around longer than both Drake and Big Sean. Dude is dope.

  • Presence of Write Direction

    I’m so happy I clicked this link, this shit is so dope man.

  • AyeGurl

    Similar flow to drake… but he seems a lot more lyrical and way less annoying than drizzy

  • p.

    he definitely looks like big sean in that pic, but I agree he’s dope


    We need this dude on a full east coast tour! He’d shut it down on the road. I’ll be waiting

  • dope

  • Nickolas Reid

    this dude’s real dope.. I’ve heard alota mixed feelings about em, but bottom line, hes a talented guy.

  • Jankees

    this is prime time! love the hook!

  • Pbankz

    This is definitely a Drake flow. This is one of the best song from an not so famous rapper that I’ve heard. Keep coming out with shit like this.

  • Purp

    Yea I see the Drake/big sean comparisons, Especially second verse sounds Just like Drake. BUT lmao it isn’t “Drake’s flow”. Drake did not invent that flow. Ppl like Joe Budden been rapping like that for years

  • TrueYork

    Yonas > Drake
    For the dimple fact that Yonas is speaking about the human condition and not “money to blow”… I haven’t heard him call a female a Hoe or a B*tch once in his music… He maintains his true path, and hasn’t sold out yet, so I hope he stays true, because if so, he’s going to shut this game down like Drake SHOULD have done

  • JohnB

    Lets not compare YONAS to anyone else. He is in his own lane right now.

    Always making hits man, this guy is the future yo.

  • 4X4records

    yeah why isn’t this fucker signed again? i fail to see the reason…