A (2)Dope Holiday Party…

blame it on Meka December 1, 2010

… coming December 9th. More details to come.

  • really?

    im down. lets rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GR

    Is that supposed to be Jack Johnson?

  • meh

    haha youve used that pic before on a post like 2 years ago.. yes i still remember.. with cowboys cheerleaders i think? christmas?

  • Rezo

    I find that pic OFFENSIVE! smh…

  • Official50Tyson

    will there be cool lights and woomp woomp music?

  • SwishasNKush

    Stupid, and what a way to deface Jesus. You guys get lamer & lamer.

  • GOD

    Jesus that’s not very nice

  • AreMac


  • Juice101

    Will there be hot drunk white girls?

  • cahlo

    Sup Jim caviezel

  • Im offended take it down. Jesus wouldnt do that. Trust me. I know

  • bon

    LOLZ @ the religious.

    shake wants to swallow that finger. rectally.

  • chunkc85

    I hope its on the west coast. You guys should of used buddy Jesus LOL.

  • **************************

    i heard fulltimeboss wants to be the stripper? if thats the case i’m not going

  • CJmagic900

    I find that mad offensive. Take it down please. Jesus wouldn’t do that

  • ppl still believe in god in 2010???


    grown ass men probably still leavin milk n cookies out for “santa” too

    fuck outta here religion is a joke

  • ex-2dopefan

    Disrespectful, you just lost me as a viewer and word of mouth. I am sure that it doesnt matter to you but it disrespects and upsets me to see your level of maturity.

  • Eli Porter

    not normally a spammer but u gotta check this new Kyle Wezzy KB remix sampler…always been a fan and this sounds super dope…its gonna be amazing!

  • Unxpekted

    fulltimeboss, get an education. You sound like a good candidate for slavery, maybe then you will see the importance of faith after suffering.

  • Jesus supports the blogs and says fuck the feds.. #FreeOnSmash

  • 11111

    so for a christmas even u release a photo of a blasphemous picture of jesus, im sure ur event will go well, or i guess we can call it a all music promotion people party,

  • AnT


  • SameuserYea

    i can take a joke like the next man but why put a pic like this ? not really funny and around chistmas time its not amusing at all guess having 2 members of there 2dopeboyz crew being raided by the US goverment messin up your head.

  • torrentfreak.com/u-s-government-seizes-bittorrent-search-engine-domain-and-more-101126/
    (US GOVERMENT SEIZES RAP BLOGS and Counterfeit sites)
    Yea u have plenty to party about this December

  • yo stfu b

    ^ lol this hurt little clown prolly same fucknigga postin over again and again

  • 11111

    ^ lol
    thats shake

  • LupeFaco

    not really religious my self , more agnostic im guessing, but is it just me or atheists seem evil spirited and angry people, let people believe what they want, its america, its wats make this place great

  • unxpekted, how u gonna tell me to get an education when ur the one that believes in the tooth fairy????

    if u were educated at all ud realize religion is a huge joke

    lol @ u

  • Robbie Maynard The III

    Blasphemous picture, not even funny

  • YUP!

    We are gonna get RICK ROLLED! lol

  • quickV

    I find that offensive as well. Blasphemous. Kind of messed up Meka. But I guess that’s what we come to expect from you though.
    That’s “your thing” though, isn’t it?

    Don’t really come to this site for your personal opinions defacing those of others, but that’s why you throw the XXL stuff up there too, huh? Get that cake kid.

  • fuck you meka. you have to suck dick too get on this blog or be signed too kanye

    you need jesus

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Some of you people are too fuckin sensitive. It’s just a picture, it’s not really Jesus. Stop taking shit so serious. & to the people saying religion is a joke, you guys are fuckin dumb too. Religion may be a bunch of stories made up by people tripping on mushrooms, but if people wanna believe in something, why the fuck are you worried about them? Religion actually helps a lot of people who have faith, so just let them be.

  • ON SMASH is a well respected site. if this shit crashes no one will support ya’ll cause shake is a douche and talks shit to the people that visit the site and meka is an ass.
    why do you think this sote has been crashing there coming for you next $$200,000 fine.

  • LOL

    its a joke relax , but its a bit blasphemous and offensive when around christmas time, we get it ur a aethiest and fuck ur computers

  • buddablessed

    lol..CLASSIC!..haha..all the religious fanatics are gonna be mad. Atheist is ya best bet at total mental freedom!.

  • buddablessed

    yea having a huge self entitlement against everyone else and believing in nothing = mental freedom

  • loljesus

    lol @ religious nuts. Go cry more.

  • yea cause u knw how jesus looks right ? dumb fcks its just a pic , ur minds have this pic of jesus already ? you lived in that time ? right didnt think so fckn losers smfh

  • abwprod

    Fuck Religion, only making problems !

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    To you dumbasses saying that those who choose to think freely than merely accept myths that you wouldn’t ever believe if you thought rationally and hadn’t been raised with it as a child:

    “The whole thing is so patently infantile, so foreign to reality, that to anyone with a friendly attitude to humanity it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will never be able to rise above this view of life.”
    -Freud on monotheistic belief in a “Fatherly god”

    We want to spread the truth because it hurts us to see science and reason deterred by idiotic, paranormal traditions and to see humans limit their thoughts and actions. And waste their Saturday or Sundays.

    Why do the rates of agnosticism/atheism rise with IQ levels? hmmmm

    now back to hip hop. and Jesus Walks is still my shit.

  • Pink Unicorn

    If your soul (define what a soul is first, Christians rarely do) is eternal, then please tell me what the fuck you were doing before you popped out of your mom’s vag? Exactly.

  • Pope Lover 69 xoxo

    Just because Freud was more knowledgeable than 99.99% of the c-sectioners doesn’t mean he’s right! I mean, there has to be a god because what else created the universe? It had to be started by something. And God is omniscient, omnipotent and fully benevolent so maybe you just can’t understand his glory!

  • America’s Deist!!!

    wowww pope lover, nice name. if the universe HAS to have a cause, then your “god” HAS to have a cause. that’s logic. come on, don’t be irrational. oh wait the only time people won’t get on you about being irrational is if you believe in spontaneously combusting shrubs and the sort.

    If your “god” is omniscient, omnipotent and fully good then there can’t be suffering. 1 of those 3 cannot be true for suffering to exist.

    you should read some Hume, Spinoza, Jefferson, Lucretius, Darrow, Dawkins, Hitchens, Einstein, Fredu, Nietzsche, Russell, Kant, etc. You know great thinkers who are/were all deists, pantheists, agnostics or atheists.

  • and this comes from pink unicorn and flyin spaghetti hahaha lmao

  • Jones

    *bleary eyed* obv the same guy ^^^^ you make some good points but get a fucking life. go jerk off or sleep shit.

  • C. Wordsmith

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus … Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell.

    I even pronounce God wrong. I always say G-OD.

  • On my bornday.


  • yet again prople are riled up
    1. most of the comments are trolls
    2. the debate is lost in here due to trollery

  • ill

    try to do this with the Mohamed photo …
    lets see how long your site stay up !…

    remove it

  • emil

    It’s always meka who posts dumb shit… Remember the loon thing.

  • Not cool, that picture is disrespectful, I know you don’t care, and my response doesn’t surprise you, because u posted it in the 1st place. As for the religious argument going on, I’m not going to get all scientific about it, I don’t have to, I know my faith, and I blv in it.

  • Cmon why would you put that picture up thats not right and its offensive to some of your bloggers man.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    lol i dont think meka or shake wud dare put up a mohammed photo lol
    obviously ppl are choosy about which religions they joke about


    @BillyClint shut the fuck up you are one of the most annoying posters on here

  • Sam Flow

    No one should be offended. The Bible said that you shouldnt depict Jesus anyways. And none of you know what he looks like soooo, this could honestly just be some guy. Right?

  • Blue

    since shake loves toronto so much why doesnt it go down there?

  • Digitek

    thats fucking awesome.

  • EC

    It is offensice man, We’re just asking that it be taken down seeing how we do visit the site faithfully. and if it dosent offend you I dont see the need to comment on it. Much love to meka and shake but this isnt cool

  • YoungCosby

    It’s ok if you don’t believe in a higher deity, that’s on you or anyone else who doesn’t believe. But, it’s messed up that people who don’t believe try to disparage people who do believe. It’s also messed up that people who believe disparage people who don’t believe.

    If you do believe in God, Jesus, Yaweh, Allah, or what ever you call God according to your faith, let unbelievers do as they wish. If you can convert them, then that’s all good. But just as long as you are good with your God, then maintain that focus.

    If you don’t believe in God, then maintain that too. IF you find faith along the way without being put in a trying situation, then that’s good for you.

    One day, it will all make sense. IMHO, a God-less society allows man to create tighter systematic controls over mankind based on its egotistical “enlightenment” that grows with time.

  • Young Cosby < i think men will always try n control others be it thru "faith" based ideology or just plain ideology…

    Truth < you mad? lol.
    adress what ive said dont just cry lol.

  • and tbh i dont think meka or shake were trying to make an anti christian/religous stance by using the pic, but i understand how r offended by it



  • Mohammed

    ^^^^ shake and meka already do all that….but its consentual and obiously satan isnt there…



    see…this is the reason I don’t give this site any more interviews or exclusive tracks. ever since that backstage incident I knew you 2dopeboyz didn’t possess any positive aura for me to get involved with. you purposely leaked my tracks without my permission or consent. you go running like little bitches and post on twitter this site will boycott me. posting that offensive picture of a white Jesus is now the lowest I seen this site go. we all know Jesus was a black man.

  • lm

    lol at the religious arguements… americans

  • AL Roker

    I’m on my coffee break before I go live on air to give the weather report for NBC and this is what I have to see before I go on. just seeing the picture brings back memories of 911. what have this country become? why not go all out and throw a swastika on Jesus robe while you’re at it. you guys are disgusting like those people who have gastric bypasses because they are too scared to live life from the outside.

  • Dee

    Man.. So many 2db commenters seem to THINK they KNOW what Jesus looks like. That’s AMAZING.


  • Sweden

    Controversy á la 2dope….it is pretty offensive and I’m guessing contreversy is what you seek…but are the followers releasing that they’re getting mad on a site that’s as anti-religious as pimpin??

    i’m religious but I can’t really get mad at this because the poster don’t represent me….

  • gerold

    Was this suppose to be funny. Smh

  • Truth

    Jesus wasn’t born December 25th, Christmas is a pagan holiday, far from anything TRUE Christians should celebrate. Look it up.


    I was born on December 25th, a little after BC.

  • Jasontflaco

    Yea kinda offensive , I’m not gonna cry about it but it is.

  • swaga04

    @”jesus christ”: no Jesus wasnt born on dec 25. get your facts straight.


    how the hell you gonna tell me the day I was born!

  • zig

    Holy shit people. How can you be offended by this but listen to hip hop. Does this ring a bell – “When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffing jesus.”

    Hip-Hop, for the most part, is NOT a pious music genre. If you are that religious, you probably should stop listening to a music that degrades women and glorifies drugs/violence.

    Listen to hip-hop and get over it or listen to country and complain all you want.

  • ventley

    hhhaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa jesus just flicked off all of his followers thats great. what now jesus freaks? if this is what jesus is really like then im considering becoming a christian and i will go to church every day. quit being a bunch of pussys. if the internet can have scooby doo porn than this blog can have a picture of jesus flicking people off. maybe this is a lost davinci painting. maybe jesus himself painted this. in conclusion though, shut the fuck up.

  • FredRico

    We’ll never agree on scientific facts and religion, but we can all agree on some mundane facts:

    – many 2dopeboyz users are christians, as seen by the comments

    – those who are got offended by the picture (it doesn’t matter how Jesus “actually” looked like, dumbfucks! The point is that this image symbolizes Jesus Christ, just like a single CROSS does, and there’s NO HUMAN features in a cross, is there?! Yet, people would get offended if the cross was disrespected, so just get over it and enjoy your atheism/agnosticism, or pure ignorance)

    – 2dopeboyz lost many fans with this attitude, people who won’t spread the word or vote for it as the best blog and will always try to get the music somewhere else

    – if there was created a pool to see which one is preferred between Shake and Meka, Shake would get 95%, Meka would get 5%.

  • the real..

    very disrespectful especially since Christmas is near. 2dopeboyz seems like you lack maturity and are becoming dumber when it comes to posting stuff. 2dopeboyz grow up! & show some respect towards religion whether you believe in it or not.

  • WhoIsThisGodYouSpeakOf

    yeah hello. i converted to a GOD DAMN atheist in the GOD DAMN spring of 1997. religion is a GOD DAMN joke. i had some GOD DAMN “problems” with the GOD DAMN priest. he was very controlling and always made me stay after GOD DAMN bible school. we alwasy played this GOD DAMN game. i don’t remember what it was called but i think it was bob for GOD DAMN bananas. or maybe it was GOD DAMN cucumbers. i dont GOD DAMN remember. well after that i told my GOD DAMN mommy and we had to convert to GOD DAMN atheism. i like the GOD DAMN painting. it kinda looks like GOD DAMN jack sparrow. GOD DAMMIT. theres a GOD DAMN jehovahs witness knockin on my GOD DAMN door. “mom wheres the GOD DAMN gun!” well i gotta get the HELL outta here. oh i almost forgot did you all know the cross is jesus a depiction of jesus’s middle finger. top is his middle finger. sides are his other fingers. bottom is his arm. just a quick fact. see ya you GOD DAMN jesus freaks

  • LA

    Very offensive, Take it down!

  • JuGo

    Jesus just signed with G.O.O.D. Music !!!

  • cousin


  • Spear–

    Y’all going to hell man..

  • Ronie G

    Toronto baby!

  • N.T.B.F.W.

    @zig: So you think hip-hop degrades women and glorifies violence, and yet you’re still coming to this site. Explain.

  • am i the only religious person in here that isn’t offended? holy shit you wanna be thugs talkin about rap 24/7 sure are acting like little school girls if you are trashin on this site for this picture.

  • Z-Man

    Gold, Oil and Drugs,
    I live in America just to get a buzz,
    was jehovahs witness but weed and bitches,
    got me doggin’ sisters and cheatin’ on my mistress,
    with no interest,
    of goin’ to heaven at all!
    I believe in god like I believe in santa claus,
    I’m a sinner,
    people think I’m trippin’ cause the words I’m spittin’,
    are close to the bone — but that’s just how I’m livin!
    ‘Privacy’ shouldnt exist in the english vocab
    when ‘god can see’ what I write in my notepad.”

  • Antonym

    Christians really need to stop thinking they’re above criticism and ridicule like every over group, get the fuck over it and stop bitching if people don’t respect your religion as much as you do.



    Peace 7

  • zig

    @ N.T.B.F.W. – I don’t care that hip-hop degrades women and glorifies guns and butter. Its a part of the culture that I love and I’m OK with it.

    Its not all there is to hip hop, but its certainly a part of it. You don’t agree?

    For every 50 there is a Mos Def and for every Uncle Murder there is a Lupe Fiasco.

    I’m just saying this: If you listen to hip-hop, unless you ONLY listen to conscious rap, you have signed your name on a petition that states “Anything goes.”

  • Nickolas Reid

    to be honest.. this was just stupid, and a really horrible business position.. why would nayone do that? lol, good thing u post cool music… wow ? lol.. well, it got me to comment.

  • Killa

    I hope this motherfucking site closes down like on smash. Fuk u shake and meka i jewish motherfuckeers. Im done never coming back on this site.

    Never seeing my ip again.

  • My Momma Told Me.. You Know The Rest.

    Jesus Is Black Anyway



  • Very Cool pic! All you haters, quit limiting yourself with thought only.

  • Haktuspit

    Coexist people, I could give a shit what any of you believe in religiously I’m here to talk music. And for the record I’m a confirmed Catholic and laughed at the picture, but understand that most Christians aren’t so sarcastic.

  • Rezo

    2dopeboyz is joining the loooong list of misguided minds into the world of the Illuminati. The entertainment and internet world are trying to turn believers into non-believers. It’s all a plan to do the devils work and simple minds will follow anything. The goverment is in on it also and the Illuminati wants to take over the world. The rich want to kill off the ‘regular’ people so that there is more for them. The Illuminati is very real and if you stop to look it’s everywhere.

  • JamStarr

    For all you religious, I mean brain-washed people out there, if you don’t like the pic, then fuck outta hare. Simple. Stop crying like little bitches.

  • DR. PHIL

    why can’t this site be more like worldstarhiphop, WSHH.com is a family oriented site that never uses vulgar language, sex is always represented in a clean fashion, and religion is never expressed in negativity. God Bless those people on WSHH.com. this site just went right in the toilet. I lost complete respect for people like you meka and shake. shame on you. take the picture down.

  • farmer ted

    I just talked to my local congressman about this situation on this site. he told me to send him the link. he’s gonna call me back in a few minutes so we can start a petition and getting the owners of this site to take the picture down. please if you have any kindness in your heart, take the picture down.

  • dr. phil’s son

    i just hope it’s in nyc and it’s 2dope.
    otherwise my parents won’t let me go.

  • Ocelot

    ^ @Rezo ur an idiot
    Its just a picture sheesh people get offended way to easily
    Im religious and i dnt care at all if jesus saw it he too wud laugh to
    im sure his flipped off the devil plenty
    shake and meka keep doing ur thing

  • dr. phil’s dentist

    OMG! this is terrible. take it down!


    ^^^ PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!


    Boobies lol now all you BRAIN WASHED LAMES can stop bitching about “jesus wouldn’t do that”

    Job 31:11-12 (NLT) sums up lust quite nicely: “For lust is a shameful sin, a crime that should be punished. It is a devastating fire that destroys to hell.

    So any one above this comment should now kill them selves according to their own rules.

  • Boricua

    Lmao at all these ppl gettin mad, take shit way 2 seriously, if you dont like it just ignore it. This aint your blog to say what should be posted and what shouldn’t. If Jesus has a problem with it, im sure he will use his magical powers to take it down.

  • Vash The Stampede

    Everybody just shut up lol. “Im Never coming Back to this site again”, “take the picture down”, “Just Disrespectful”, Fuck 2dopeboyz”, You Guys are going to burn in the firey depths of hell”. Yeah right all you fucking complainers will be back as soon as they post up some artist shit that you like and this will be forgotten.

  • Lmao you people are retarded. If this offends you or your religion then ur faith isn’t strong enough anyway. How? Bc you should know this is another human being’s depiction of jesus christ and spreading hate bc of blasphemous pictures is ignorance. But ignorance is bliss according to k-dot

  • JuGo

    Haha. I think the new picture is even more sac-religious than the Jesus one!

  • i wonder wat mek n shake r doing after reading all these comments lol

  • [email protected] bowing to the criticism and changing the artwork on the front page smdh

    • > [email protected] bowing to the criticism and changing the artwork on the front page smdh>

      actually, the powers that be [ie the ones that pay my bills] asked us to do so. the fuck i look like caring about what a c-section says?

  • Izilluh

    All you niggas arguing are stoops as FUCK! Jet Life bitches!

  • cahlo

    Touchè meka

  • 32424

    lol they changed the 1st pic now from the front page for this thread ahahah u gotta click the link to see the pic , sure shake put the girls pic up instead as the 1st

  • Ringer

    Blah Blah Blah, guys stop coming to the site if you want. Personally, I don’t visit 2dopeboyz for its religious zeal. (Though I find the picture amusing.) I come to 2dopeboyz because a lot of the music they post is music I want. The ignorance in the c-section is frequently overwhelming, so getting rid of some of it will strengthen the site anyway.

  • Milhouse


  • Lolz, Jesus was really a black midget, word to the Lord.

  • Meka oh i thought it was just another joke..put the nakedish women on the front n the pic on the end of it as if to say..who cares..
    ahh well u got a beat down by “the man” thats how it goes.

  • wait the pic changed 3 times now?
    *dead at homeless santa

  • santa claus

    oh great, you replaced the Jesus pic for a drunk white santa. take that shit down too. just place a respectable xmas pic of a xmas tree or reindeers on a roof.

  • markaveli

    Father forgive them, for they know not what they do….actually, nah let ’em burn in hell.

  • Being frank..Sinatra!

    2dopeboys hasn’t been getting any large traffic lately so expect more desperate blasphemous acts like this and much more provocative mess in order to draw attention(put money in their pockets) to their site… Btw why not blog about onsmash and other sites that constantly post copywritted material getting “shutdown” instead of that trite blog entry you posted yesterday? Scared??

  • iLLNeSS

    This is BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!……………….jesus is black.

  • quickV

    Yo meka I could be wrong, but you cared enough to respond. You also cared enough to change it, no matter the reason. Doesn’t it hurt so much to change it since these same people that comment are the reason someone pays you anyway? What blog of yours that has no visitors makes money? The XXL? Next time call it a holiday party then; I would assume your pseudo-intellectualism would allow as much. Why even mention Christmas and post that? We know you’re so hip hop, slap box etc. For someone that posts RAOF often dealing with ignorant behavior, you’re quite the hypocrite. Such a surprise. Peace dude have a nice party. I’m gona hit up nahright from now on

  • Ruffski


  • “since shake loves toronto so much why doesnt it go down there?”

    because neither of us live there?
    this one will be going down in new york as im flying out there this week.

    “2dopeboys hasn’t been getting any large traffic lately”

    numbers aren’t going anywhere but up kid. get your facts straight before you start typing.

    “Yo meka I could be wrong, but you cared enough to respond. You also cared enough to change it, no matter the reason.”

    the image wasn’t changed because of comments. it was for other reasons.

  • dasdas

    U guys got the hook-ups but as a staff yall some dickheads. If these artists were sending shit into another site that kept updated as much as yall I’d be over there right now… Oh wait a minute… NM.

  • sdfsd

    @dankenergy U the one limiting urself by allowing urself into being tricked that’s a tasteful picture.. Dickrider..

  • asdas

    @Shake don’t try to look big, guaranteed it was changed cuz ppl took offense to it.. Ain’t no other reason why… It’s ok to listen to ur ppl once in awhile ya know. give us props.

  • dun_dun

    ICE is coming…

  • Let me put this to rest
    1) any normal man would know better to post a dumb offensive pic on a site visited by broad range, bad personal and business desicion,
    2) if you think they bowed down because of there” people who pay there bills” u must be as high as shake and meka
    3) its ultra rare for shake and meka to post at the same time
    4) notice how they changed it after 100 or so people came on here and showed disgust
    5) shake and meka got off the weed and realized they fucked up so they changed it 3 times, and commented here because deep inside they want to satisfy u trolls
    6) if u think there ad providers or w.e or there nmc crew gave a shit about this pic only after 100 or so posts have been made ur a idiot, they changed it only after the negative reviews, there facing legal action they dont give a flip about jesus.
    Shake acts like a girl bc lupe kicked em out ,
    2 members get closed down permanently due to US goverment,
    and they have to get leaks from youraudio fix
    THIS SITE IS KICKASS BC they KISS ASS — everyone knows this, but the dudes running these sites are immature stoner kids dont take anything they do seriously or waste ur time like i did to post this.