• http://yahoo.com King

    Dope shit, I mess wit this

  • Greg Ramey

    pay attention, rockie fresh on the rise up

  • Exxille

    Sounds dope to me

  • http://facebook.com/mgas11 m.gaston

    this dude go in how there only 3 comments...this might be my new nigga

  • sammy swords

    pretty cool song. makes me want to hear more.

  • JRoh17

    Woooohheee! This shit is hot! He like a crazy mashup of Ye and Drizzy. And I aint complainin about that one bit

  • Naylor Vega

    Rockie is a fuckin animal

  • http://radiorockmusic.com trifeckta

    i fuks wit him; been tryin to get him beats, but sounds like he cool tho; cartoonz nice.