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2DBz x Washington, DC

blame it on Meka December 2, 2010

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People of our nation’s capitol, the dopehouse alongside Kenny Burns will be taking over the Layla Lounge tonight for a night of partying and bullshit. Fell like partying and bullshitting after a long week? Join us there.

  • Maaan Ima get so many bitches when I show up dressed as a phoenix. Niggas gonna wish they left they girl at home.

  • Official50Tyson

    better be a bunch of sluts there so I can get my dick sucked and slap a couple hoes.

  • madvilliany

    post the new jay electronica song, you can find it on rap radar


    never been to that spot but i might come check it out. gotta see what my cavs do against the bum ass heat though.

  • Kenny who?

    Kenny Burns is whats wrong with this country.

    This nigga makes a living just LIVING.

    Fucking retarded.

    Then we weonder why people have nothing to show for their lives. Fucking pointless investment of personality.

    Thats why this country supports stupid ass personalities and not people who work to invest in the development of this country.

    Dude is super fake.