• JB

    Banks + Primo would be dope as well.

  • Fcat15A

    NO WAY THERE ISN'T A COPY OF THAT... cmonn man just let the people hear it... we all know its all deaded shi!t...

  • http://ohhhshot.blogspot.com OHHH SHOT

    Banks + Primo would be a waste of a perfectly good beat

  • Protege

    banks + premo = waste of banks lyrics

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    Me + Primo = Track Of The Year
    Trust Me

    btw, didnt Joe Budden say Primo did a beat for him for The Great Escape?? Im curious to see what that sounds like

  • RDVC

    ^^^^ Don't know shit about Hip Hop. Premo is a legend and one of the reasons that hip hop is were it's at. Punk ass kid!! Learn something New Jack!!

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    RDVC talkin bout me!??!

  • Young Mo Fo

    LOL @ saying Chuck D of Public Enemy. They need tracks with Banks, Common, Game, Kanye, Jay, Cole, Nas, and a bunch of others. Hearin Eminem on somethin by Preemo might be crazy.

  • bb

    no one cares about lloyd banks

  • Beats>lyrics

    lloyd banks is trash when he is in the same sentence as premo

  • Tone Riggz

    I've always wanted to hear a Ghost and Preme track- would be monmumental.

  • Tone Riggz

    I've always wanted to hear a Ghost and Preme track- would be dope.

    Also, seeing Premier do a set at Fat Beats on the last day, and meeting him afterwards ranks at the top of my Hip Hop related memories.

  • The Ref

    Premo + Ghostface = CLASSIC hip-hop. Make it happen

  • DaWa

    Young Mo Fo: Game have 2 beats from Primo :) Looking foward to RED Album

  • truthpolice

    Premo = best producer of all time

  • James

    yea he should work with banks

  • Dick B.

    @Young Mo Fo What a stupid comment. Lloyd Banks wouldn't be good on a Premier beat and I'm surprise some people actually want to hear that. Wack rhymes over a dope beat. Preem already produced stuff for Jay, Nas, Common, Kanye, and now, most recently Game.

    Chuck D over a Premo beat would be ill like it came straight out the nineties boom bap era, but still fresh.

  • rdvc

    @ Dino no man!! T the dude talking dirty about Primo!

  • spastic

    banks and preemo ahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    ive never heard something more funny in my life!!!

  • DJ Daz-One

    Well technically they have worked together already (Just not on a complete song). So I would love to see The Rebel Ins do a solo jawn with Preem.

    other notables

    Little Brother
    G.O.O.D. music
    J Cole

  • BillyClint

    i just wanna hear that jay z diss record that hes holding on to...
    ahhhh man!

  • Nathaniel

    ghostface premo? Holy shit

  • Capitan Rivera

    i think premo and Joell would be a true pice of clasic art

  • George Clooney

    I wanna hear Preemo do some shit with Cam'ron, Spitta, Wiz and Jay E!

  • bombaclotrudeboi

    before banks album came out everyone here was suckin him off noww all of a sudden people are hating on him album was pretty dope......ghostface and preem would be greatly appreciated tho lol

  • JaysonX

    never once liked banks. and i never understood how people think hes the truth.

    Preem + ghost ALBUM

  • http://reverbnation.com/danielmorenoNJ Young Mo Fo

    Banks can rhyme better than Chuck D. So how would that fit better? I can understand Ghostface.
    Its not a stupid comment, its an opinion.
    I forgot I'm supposed to hate a rapper when I comment to make sense.

    Cosign @bombaclotrudeboi

  • david

    banks can't rhyme better than chuck D, chuck D is famous for his ability to rap, when banks and modern rappers rhyme they change pronunciation a lot for example in banks' first verse in 'Start it up' he uses 'shoe', 'boots', 'loop' and 'proof', they sound similar when a rapper spits them over a beat yes but if you walk in a classroom full of 5 year old kids they will tell you 'shoe' and 'proof' don't rhyme, chuck D sometimes uses words that don't rhyme but he MAKES them rhyme with an accent, e.g. in 'fight the power' he makes 'giving' and 'getting' rhyme by pronouncing 'giving' different, banks uses words with ONE SYLLABLE and they dont even rhyme, it'd be acceptable if the words had multi-syllables and if he didnt do it so often, that's just one reason why he'd waste a premo beat and that chuck d would be better, the 2nd reason, banks doesnt have that old school sound that chuck d has, chuck d has an 80s/90s sound so why not let him spit over a beat from the best producer of that age (best producer ever IMO), 3rd reason chuck d would suit a premo beat better is his content is better and means something, banks' content is of a 11 year old kid

  • WiseLion

    ^^^ True shit! Banks = Garbage. I'd rather listen to crying kittens in a blender.

  • http://youtube.com/eniyi04 Niyemortal

    So by making words rhyme that dont usually rhyme together and still being able to do it in a slick way makes you GARBAGE? That sounds really dumb. People acting like there's an infinite amount of words in the English language. That's the same kind of person that would complain about "ahhh too many people used those words to rhyme, they're garbage" SMH