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One-2 – Lonely One (prod. Komplex)

blame it on Shake December 2, 2010

Something new from the homie One-2, that will not be featured on his upcoming double EP (History/Destiny), which is looking at an early 2011 release.

DOWNLOAD: One-2 – Lonely One (prod. Komplex) | Mediafire

  • red

    I liked Kebab & Vodka a lot.

  • Nash

    Dude is a certified spitter thanks

  • LMAO, WTFs a double EP?!?!? that just sounds like an LP to me… whatever…. call it what u want… kinda like the term street album… i dont get it….

  • yugang

    Damn all his throwaways sound like straight up quality stuff then his ep got to be dope. Still waiting on the coast guard track to drop with the horse shoe gang and when that happens my prediction it will get at least 25-30 comments….it will be that good!

  • nathanjones

    This is a throwaway track? its pretty dope

    @zany blunts one-2 explained that its a double ep because he has two different sounds
    history – classical hip hop sound, straight up raw lyrics

    destiny – experimental sound, retro-infused sound with clever wordplay (but it will be done in a uncorny way)

    plus it has to do with the same reason that kendrick lamar released a 15 track ep, their breaking the regular business model.

  • Capitan Rivera

    the white boy spit it nice,he has now another fan!

  • killamic

    Damn, not bad.

  • yugang

    @captain rivera actually hes armenian

  • Capitan Rivera

    jajaja dammn he dosen’t look like!

  • guest

    Track Listing for One-2’s History & Destiny EP

    Disc 1:
    1. This Life Of Ours (feat. Chace Infinite)
    2. Half-Man (feat. Royce the 5’9″ & Crooked I)
    3. Femme Fatale (feat. Knoc-Turn’al & Jayo Felony)
    4. Coast Guard (feat. Horse Shoe G.A.N.G.)
    5. Tears Tumble (feat. Amin & Tena Jones)
    6. History (feat. Project Lionheart)

    Disc 2:
    1. Lifestyles Of L.A.
    2. Venom (feat. K-Young)
    3. Animal
    4. In The Zone (feat. Kobe)
    5. Go!
    6. Destiny

  • RoLF!!!! What is everyone a wrappa now? I mean this reminds me of a slow kid from a special ed class in high school. I mean, doesnt sondula look like a mopey dopey poor project dork dweeb? Massive RoLFs….RolFs….

  • nathanjones

    @robbie maynard the lll judging by your ignorant ass comment it seems like your the special ed mofo lol fuck outta here with ur lameass

  • guest

    lookout for the first single from one-2 “Half Man” featuring crooked i to drop christmas/new years….History & Destiny drops the 1st quarter of 2011. XPAND!

  • im-new-here


  • Adogg

    One-2 is one of the most underated rappers in the game. SO fuck RAW.