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Big Boi x Vonnegutt – Follow Us Live (Video)S

blame it on Mile High Shake December 3, 2010

Shot by Motion Family.

Sir Luciuos Left Foot… The Son of Chico Dusty, in stores now. Also, after the jump you can check out the video for The Train pt.2. Which was shot during Big Boi’s time with the Atlanta Ballet.

  • that Los mixtape was sick.
    I really like the Freedom of Speech song, but i dont understand how people still talkin bout ‘black people aint free’. theyre just as free as anyone else. in a way, hip hop is making you more free then white people.

  • dan

    black people arent free. numerous structural barriers still exist. there is also a barrier to empowerment because integrated institutions equate success with white assimilation. the talented blacks leave our communities for these integrated areas because they have to for wealth. blacks wont be truly free until they have institutions with equal power as whites or white act in an interest besides their own (whites having dominant power for so long has made them value their hegemony on our society). i could go on and on about how blacks are not free yet

  • Dino< sorri can u explain how hiphop has made black people more free than white people? ive never heard that one before.

    you do realise for 400years we were slaves in america, then 100+ legally second class citizens, and only 35 years ago (1 generation) we were given equal voting rights. and u expect us to be as FREE as white people economically? mentally? socially? thats alot to ask for in 30 years..after half a millenium of being slaves and legally second class citizens…

    p.s still need to buy this album.

  • *then 100+ years legally second class citizens…

  • oh and the black farmers bill JUST got passed last month…dont know what that is??? then ur oblivious to the systematic racism that still occurs!


    This show was so much fun! Vonnegutt Rocks!

  • before yall start lashin out on me, im far from a racist.
    i grew up around black ppl n i got plenty black friends.
    n i know yall were slaves.
    but i aint american. im bosnian, n my ppl went thru some shit too.
    learn ur history if u dont know.
    my point is, yall been given so many rights and a lot of freedom.theres plenty opportunity for u guys to grow, expand, be successfull. way more then my people ever had.
    i aint tryna lash out atcha.
    im jus sayin, wit all these hip-hop songs, rappers complainin like slavery’s still around.




  • TKO

    @ Dino , not downplaying your struggles in anyway , but one big part of black peoples hardships is mentality. And thats on everybody. Even on the outside of prison walls we feel trapped in because in all forms of media we are disrespected. People even have the nerve to bash the president , im not saying you have to agree with him , but dont demonize him. Alot of it has to do with the way people think. People associate the word black with evil and the word white with civilized. Its gonna take at least 3 more generations before people look at each other as equals. Not all black people are the same and not all white people or any other race is the same. We are all the same on the inside. We love are family and all want to be happy. Black people are not all rappers , thugs and basketball players ,but tv and movies dont show us in any other form. So its hard to feel free because people look at us like they know us. No race is that simple to box in like that…

  • @TKO
    i feel ya man. i know exactly wat u mean,
    cuz im muslim, n i had to put up wit alotta shit, especially after 9/11. after a while, i couldnt take it no more, n once i moved to Vegas, I started fresh n never told anyone im muslim.
    we get put down all around the world, n looked at as terrorists.

  • TKO

    Im not muslim , but I understand where you and other muslims are coming from because I took the time to read about it. Im not even muslim and I could talk for hours about how great the messages are involved in it , and how all muslims are NOT terrorist. Only a small group of people wish to kill innocent people. Its sad that others dont do the same ( read ) , I know its very hard to stand up for what you believe in , but hopefully in our life time one day , people will wake up and open their minds.

  • Dino< i didnt think you were a racist. and your right i kno the bonians have been through ALOT (to put it lightly). But you must remember we just got "freedom" about 30 years ago. thats not long and after half a millenium (litterally) of physical and mental slavery, its not that easy to just turn a whole people around. but it is happening. and the "rappers" who dont represent all "african americans" (btw) keep saying were slaves cos there is still alot of mental slavery. thats how slavery was allowed to thrive in the first place, by systematically breaking down the mind of the individual, disrupting the family unit, removing traces of origins, language, culture, religion etc.

    we are the only "people" with "BLACK HISTORY" becasue ours was erased so badly. the chinese, japanese, indonesian, thai etc dont share a generalised "yellow history"…we do. but end of the day i agree with ur statemnt that we have alot of opportunites and we do need to take them up!

  • DontGetIt

    I really wish Big Boi’s album got more shine, ‘cept for maybe Kanye’s it was the best album of the year.

  • bstew

    yeah I agree ^^^^
    I really think Big boi’s and Ye had the two best CDs of the year

  • Pdid

    who’s the one who does the deep voice over?