• who cares

    tha teaser she put up on her site was betta than dis haha
    she fine as fuck tho

  • Spear–

    Would go nuts on that pussy


    "ima greedy genius no references to the ugly clothes"

  • timmy2409

    Anybody know the name of the song?

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Thats one sexy big headed female

  • Teddy

    Fuck is this a Porno Intro?

  • idk tha kid

    Got a bone in my pants like I stole from a museum [II]

  • http://www.myspace.com/defchap Def-Chap

    a) Obviously a mad hottie b) Such sick editing to have the scrolling bar top to bottom throughout with just her chillin' there. Very well done video

  • http://Hotnewhiphop.com YOLO

    The song is called "LOVER BOY" by Six off his super dope mixxtape
    "TEENAGE WASTELAND" on hotnewhiphop.com hosted by ILL WILL his is from Oakland and cat is in A serious bidding war surprised 2dopeboys aint put this cat in the site Raekwon and wu-tang raisedtge young spitter. I heard he was method mans baby brother ethier way his mistake has hits on it whiz label would sign him if they were smart. WASTELAND GANG!!!!

  • http://SportsHop.tumblr.com Lil’ Nello

    Very well put together video & Rosa proves once again why she's 1 of my favs & could get the biz! Lucky dude lol & if I'm not mistaken this is good but as somebody else pointed there is a BTS or teaser type video of this that's better! Whoever song this is pretty good too.

  • C O

    Much love to GG!! I must cop those ocean runners!