• The Kids

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    aaand I guess we know what people think of the Dipset reunion, huh?

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  • OhYeTormentedSouls

    40 Cal and em look like they was huuuuurrrrrttttiiinnn hard to eat off a decomposing body I suppose...

  • OhYeTormentedSouls

    Oh and wat was the name of that Max B joint? Shit was waaavvvy lol

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    @OhYeTormentedSouls that's "Henny" Freekey Zeekey ft Max B ...CLASSIC only because of the Boss Don ...wrote the hook + Freekey verse & his... #FreeMaxB

  • Uptown

    Wack! This broke ass rappers doing it for the money.
    No one cares about them anymore!