• greeneyed bandit

    NICE, im there...yall gonna do a giveaway?

    j/k its charity lol

  • lxlnethinglxl

    lmao is mr. "mecca", meka?

  • http://suckingfunglasses.wordpress.com bushytop

    southpaw is a dope venue to catch some good music. recently caught otis clay there -- too dope!

  • Dez

    this actually looks kinda nice. masta ace is off the hook live. caught him at SOBs a few years ago and was blown away. Pack is ALWAYS entertaining. *makes plans*

  • NephewOfUncleRuckus

    Why don't I live in NYC?

  • Danny

    Nah, Mr. Mecca used to be in a group with PackFM and Substantial called DOMINION. No relation to Meka.

  • Megatron

    This show is only $12? That's pretty nuts. I know there will probably be some crazy surprise guests, maybe ed o g? Some Juice crew members?

  • enthusiasm

    Wish I was a New Yorker...

  • And Won

    This is a really great cause and you can't lose seeing Keith, Ace and PackFM for only $12 for charity. Something like this on a Monday makes me wish I didn't have a job so I could make it up there. Anyone in NYC has no excuse though!!!

    Guaranteed (2)Dope.

  • And Won

    And oh shit, I Am Many is ManyStyles, he's dope! PLus Mr. Mecca is hosting. I seen Mecca at like 6 a.m. walking down the street with some fly girl the morning after a big QN5 show. Dude still took time out to shake our hands and talk with fans at 6 a.m. plus he probably got more pussy after that!

    Hydra is also a good dude, I think he teaches elementary school for a living.

    Anyone that goes to this show and supports Robin Hood and these artists will not regret it.