Bun B Remembers Pimp C (Audio)

On the three year anniversary of Pimp C's untimely passing, Bun called Devi Dev (97.9 The Box) to share his favorite memories and lyrics from his lost partner.

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  • feining liquor often

    dang bun b in canada, cool shit

  • KSEE

    That story Bun told was funny..."what was you reading??!"


  • Davzilla

    Pimp C = Bun b's blood sacrifice to the Illuminati it was done 3 years about back when bun had to earn is rank just now its paying off pimp c never wanted the fame bun did

  • YO

    ^nigga stfu

  • Amaan

    lool i thought he was gonna say drake is Canada's trill O.G lmaooo I Guess Not

  • Amaan

    @Davzilla yall niggaz are riduclious with that illuminati shit dawg damn kid it doesnt I bet you were one of those kids that thought pac was trying to fight it SMH


Mod Sun - "Gucci Nail"

Produced by Honorable C Note.

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