Evidence – I Don’t Need Love (FreEP)

blame it on Meka December 10, 2010

The Dilated People quietly dropped his Beatles-inspired project last night over at Ruby Hornet. Tracklist, alternate covers and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Evidence – I Don’t Need Love (FreEP)

  • Varsityballin


  • Varsityballin

    it says file has been removed

  • OnTheRun

    mediafire link is down..

  • John

    dam this is fucking dope shit. evidence needs to do more shit like this

  • This should be excellent

  • link works for me.


    I already know this shits fire , b4 I even hear it…

  • TerryOH

    A free Album? WTF!!? So Dope. Thank You Evidence! TURN IT UUUP!

  • John

    anyone know what the bonus track is called, and also who it is featured on it?

  • Kiij

    Ey, where’s track 7?

  • kiij

    John: the bonus track is called “Pay Off My Debts” – The tracklist is on the yellow cover.

  • Jamie


  • CenCal2011

    This is Fire The only joint I don’t like is the hidden track with Dirt Nasty. If it is a “Joke” song then it’s forgiven. Otherwise this is very dope for a free ep but still dope period. Can’t Wait For Cats & Dogs

  • Daryl.

    Who is Twiz The Beat Pro? The whole thing is slappn. Has he done anything else? ? *Crickets?*

  • Per


    Who is Twiz The Beat Pro? The whole thing is slappn. Has he done anything else? ? *Crickets?*

    Daryl. said this on December 10th, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    He did quite a few beats on Copywrite’s new LP “The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson”, great album with a couple of terrible joints on it, well worth checking out.. Copy’s also easily one of the best technical rappers out.

    Evidence is the shit! Looking forward to listening. This came out of nowhere..

  • David

    I wanna check this out, but the link isn’t working..

  • That Beatles artwork is epic. LOL @ Ev with a mop top!

    The last cover with the yellow is just awful tho. I hope that is some kind of fan art cause it is really, really bad. Shit looks like some cheesy clip art thrown together by my 11yr old sister.

  • White Mike

    Can someone re-up this?

  • Rob

    this is so fucking good. waiting patiently for Cats & Dogs…i wake up and this is out. roll one and blaze it to this shit god damn Ev is really pulling ahead of the pack on this one. so fucking good

  • 510AllDay

    in12’sWeTrust <<< The yellow one is re make of The Beatles "Love" album. Whoever did it actually nailed it on the head. I agree it looks wack,but tha's only cause The Beatles one was wack. Music matters most and this tape goes.



  • George Clooney

    The top cover is the only one that’s remotely okay. The others are just wack as shit.

    Looking forward to hearing this shit, though.

  • Ian

    Links is down anyone got one that works?



  • Johnnno

    This is crazy, Evidence the best doing it.

  • Wesson

    This EP is FIRE!
    That “Think’n Bout Thinking” track with Fash is off the fuckin hook

  • Michael P.

    Ev = G.O.A.T.

    Yeah I said it. This dude like the next Nas wait til he blow..

  • Dilated Peter

    This dude like the livin embiodiment of Rakim for the west coast. Niggas been sleepin on one of the greats,

  • weneedev


  • Click my name for a download

  • cbanks13

    can yall re-up please!

  • Qwest

    love me you sexy guys

  • Stephen Baldwin, actor

    Ev > Dre

  • Dirty H

    yoooo this is AMAZING! Love the Beatles, Love Evidence. It’s probably free because of all the Beatles samples… right?

  • Meha

    Makes sense cos Evidence is like our generation’s John Lennon.

  • vbb

    anyone know the featured artist on the bonus track?

  • blackmamba

    shake can we get a re-up?

  • danny_

    To tell you the truth I’ve been waiting for Cats & Dogs as much as all you have, but the thing with Ev is his older material like The Weatherman LP & Layover EP, everything related to DiLAted, can hold me back cause it’s just so fucking great.

  • danny_

    Go to EV’s facebook he posted a link that works.

  • itsgubz

    my fav rapper!

  • itsgubz

    i got it on datpiff.com the other links were wack

  • Iusedtolovehim

    Not a huge Ev fan as I used to be. But I’m gonna give this a listen.

  • Dj ILL One

    This is so,so,so,so,so dope! He flipped the Beatles the right way. Better than Dangamouse did with the Grey Album easily. This is how it`s supposed to be done.

  • Travis

    Co-sign Michael P.

    Ev is the GOAT fer real

  • This is not a mixtape. This download is so much like stealing.
    Best material I’ve heard in a looooong time.

  • Slippaz

    damn this link dont work for me :/

  • 1woRd

    new link??

  • Bizzy

    anyone a working link…

  • BB

    dopeness, got it from another site but shit is dope the alt covers are badass hell

  • link isnt available…Pls get the link back up..I’m A very big fan from Nigeria!!!

  • risen357

    dope as fuck

  • George Clooney

    Frame Of Mind is too ill. Can’t believe how he flipped that. Come Together is dope, but he didn’t just jack the shit the way it’s been done countless other times.

  • hmmmm…..

    where the fuck is the link? its down again…this is my first time on this site, i was blown away till the inconviniance…

  • George Clooney

    And yeah, I hated the Grey Album.

  • MeckWrecka

    shake wouldnt have fucked up the link…

  • greedygenius

    @midwestmade thanks!

    MEKA-this post is too dope to forget about…. update that link!

  • Xdjjf

    Links are on ev’s twitter folks

  • Click on my name for the EP!

  • xastey

    good looks on the re-up

  • That is some brilliant artwork

  • rukkstar

    downloading this purely for the hilarity of the covers, but like everyone’s said, the link is down

  • 1

    This shit is unbelievably dope…..

  • Missing A Track Called Egg Men(Step Brothers)

  • iambluntedsd

    ev is crazy! first album artwork had be crackin.


  • Per


    This is so,so,so,so,so dope! He flipped the Beatles the right way. Better than Dangamouse did with the Grey Album easily. This is how it`s supposed to be done.

    Dj ILL One said this on December 10th, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    It’s not Evidence on the production though, but Twiz The Beat Pro..

  • Eeswee

    Meha said this on December 10th, 2010 at 6:21 pm
    “Makes sense cos Evidence is like our generation’s John Lennon.”
    Could possibly be one of the biggest clown statement I have ever seen in the c-section before…Meha, I’m sorry bro but you are fkn certified clown.

  • crowjones

    Thank you for the new link FansTT

  • Umm…the link, the link please.