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Tennille – Signs f. Like & Mibbs (of Pac Div)

blame it on Shake December 11, 2010

Over Tennile’s new 10illematic/10FDOOM project (available here); which features the Brooklyn femcee rocking over Nas and MF Doom instrumentals w/ help from the likes of Like, Mibbs, Sir Michael Rocks (of The Cool Kids), Natty Monstaa and more.

DOWNLOAD: Tennille – Signs f. Like & Mibbs | Mediafire

BONUS: Tennille – Toe 2 Toe f. Natty Monstaa | Mediafire

  • T0KS

    good stuff.

  • worst GOAT ever

    ^I concur. Dopeness.

  • yugang


  • Saranade

    Sweet Singing Voice but whoever that was on the 1st verse sounds like they are struggling to stay on beat and keep it interesting.
    3rd verse is hot though.

  • Flanders

    I remember this girl from a Cool Kids concert. Man, if you could only hear the crowd boo the shit out of her. It was cruel.

  • Shinichi

    Uhhh why rock over Clones when that track was completely demolished by Thought and Dice many years ago?

    That’s like all the Exhibit C remixes that were done. There were only maybe 2 that were in the same arena as Elec’s.

    The way I look at it, unless what you are spittin over a track has me in tune w/ you and not reminiscing about how dope the original was, it shouldn’t be done. No dis respect but this didn’t come close.

  • iloveyou

    she can get it.

  • sik

    she sexy met her at s.o.b’s

  • @Flanders hahahahahahaha damn and yeah she can get it.

  • JWB

    just downloaded that 10illematic:10FDOOM tape

    definitely worth a listen. i love her voice

  • g.r.a.m.z

    #LOKOLIFE!!! #4FUN!!!

  • ddn

    whats the first beat

  • A Da GOD

    Alt link for her mixtape?

  • Instrumental?

    Does anyone know the name of the instrumental this joint is over?

    The chorus is dope but I’m not convinced that she’s comfortable on the mic. She sounds a little unsure but its not hard on the ears so she’s on to somethin.


  • GOD

    I can’t believe they went over the “Clones” beat wowww The Roots already destroyedddd that shit years ago leave that beat alone!

  • wow a chick hype on DOOM hell yea


    LOKO LIFEEEEEEEE. GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP. obviously we ain’t the roots. don’t compare us cuz I respect them to the fullest and I probably know more hip hop than u, no pun intended. It was a track we got high too and did 4fun. I luv u shake! U and meka the homies. ya niggaz hate on anything I just sit back, sip this long island and laugh. DL that tape. video comin soon. merry xmas

  • I’m a chair

    ^^ download link don’t work

  • Bigwill

    The first beat sound like 2pacs’ “Lord Knows” whatever he sampled


    go to illroots

  • So

    Download this project. It’s pretty cool

  • Yeah

    The .zip file is broken -__-

  • GOD


  • LonelyStoner

    this girl is terrible 2dope never post her shit on here again

  • dave


    but she gulp this.

  • I’m a chair

    @lonelystoner tenille is tha shit.

    @MON5TAAA the download has an empty
    zip file.

  • LonelyStoner

    @I’m a chair naw man you mean Tenille is SHIT!…she can get the D tho

  • LonelyStoner


    but she gulp this.

    dave said this on December 11th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    ^^ THIS!

  • Pac Div didn’t sound like how they were supposed to, but tennille… damn this chick needs to be introduce with a cat like blu. Their voices would sync well together. Overall, real mellow soulful track.

  • Nito

    Did Mickey rocks from cool kids really change his name to that?

  • Yessir

    @Nito he just added Sir to it whats the problem?

  • highpothesis

    natty, marry me please.

  • thejasonyouknowandhatetolove

    @nitto the problem is its corny…. i got beats for you tho. 2track 808s.


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    Click on my name ! thks everybody

  • this girls pretty dope, sexy ass voice foreal, and i heard this beat for a game song shit was fuckin dirty, it had like, jay rock, kendrick, ya boy, juice, game i think it was called “west coast ni**as” but yeah didn’t know it was originaly a roots song shit im gonna look that up

  • Click Clack

    why has there been a lack of BeYoung, It seems like mibbs/like are doing alotta work but he’s gone
    Always thought he was the dopest outta the 3

  • day2day

    Wack ! So sick of this Dead Ass music these new rappers are putting out ! people dropping music every day , and its not good ! they making music just for blog sites .sorry I’M NOT ROLLING!!!