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Blu & Exile – Seasons (Video)

blame it on Meka December 13, 2010

At this point, any Blu & Exile music is appreciated these days.

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  • GR

    Is this new? This is sick!

  • 123


  • Let’s hear some Below The Heavens II sometime soon…

  • Song is dope. Is this new? Cuz i never heard it before

  • hmm….

    This dude is wildly overrated, I don’t care what any of you stans say. Half the time it sounds like he’s recording in his friends garage and his lyrics are decent, but not mind blowing by any means. I just don’t understand the appeal quite frankly.

  • Evan292

    Its good but isn’t up to the level of Below the Heavens. Maybe my expectations r too high bc that album was I believe the best debut since Lupe, and his was the best debut since eminem prolly…also this doesn’t sound like an Exile beat. I dunno just not his style

  • main

    for damn sure

  • xastey

    to this day I can’t find a physical copy of Below the Heavens

  • Shy

    Blu and Ex >>

  • LOL @ the snow angel at the end. I hope this means a new Blu & Exile LP is coming soon. That and NoYork would make up for the lack of music, interviews/anything this year.

  • BIC

    Dope ass visuals. Blu has been droppin’ dope shit lately. He has infinite styles, not many rappers have that. He’s coming up in the game with some real people too. I still bump the J&J album every day, raw shit I tell you.

  • CaliGrown

    I’m really feeling this, very reflective, could lay back and smoke a blunt to this one. Blu & Ex make such good music.

    Is “Happy, With Your Old New Imaginary Friends” there next album?

  • DayO

    Yea that’s magic alright.

  • nah_dude

    “At this point, any Blu & Exile music is appreciated these days.”

    def agree. thx 4 the post

  • John

    a tom waits sample from blu & exile? this just made my day dopeboyz

  • yugang

    Nice tune

  • hell yea

    blu your my boy!!!

  • chris

    this shit is dope!

  • ace*

    So(ul) Amazing

  • jay

    this visual is so dope blu is so poetic

  • Sir kal

    This guy is the best out!!!!!!!

  • Andre R

    Good shit..Blu spelled cognizant wrong tho, still good shit

  • Andre R

    Btw if u go on Blu’s twitter @HerFavColor he says that this is a ruff cut of the song

  • apoclyps

    I saw Blu accusing Exile of leaking it yesterday on Twitter and Exile denied it lmao.

  • bluforprez


  • JAWZ

    Blu is a monster! >J.cole

  • This dude is wildly overrated, I don’t care what any of you stans say. Half the time it sounds like he’s recording in his friends garage and his lyrics are decent, but not mind blowing by any means. I just don’t understand the appeal quite frankly.
    hmm…. said this on December 13th, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    To those who still just don’t “get it” – Blu is dope because of the realness factor. I’ve never listened to another emcee who I believed more. Everything about him is just drenched in honesty. Truly, I could probably hear another rapper drop the same kind of verse, and I wouldn’t think it’d be as dope, because it wouldn’t seem like them. Blu doesn’t appear to be anything he’s not. He does WHATEVER the fuck he wants. (see:NoYork)
    it’s douchey when people say real recognize real, because of the implications, but…

  • Markie P

    Damn this fool is sik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Geez

    Blu + Exile = to nice for the game

  • pff

    get of his dick, dude aint all that

  • 510

    @hmm…. are you not listening to the same artist everybody else is?
    if anything, blu is underrated. I dont think it is possible to overate him because any rating you give the guy he will surpass. blu is un-rateable

  • Fuck y’all

    @pff go listen to young jezzy, drake, and Wayne you fucking moron. Blu is for niggas with a real ear for music.

  • rofl

    Man that “go listen to *insert mainstream rapper* you idiot” because someone doesn’t like an artist is played the fuck out. This guy isn’t for everybody, a trait that applies to EVERY MUSICIAN ALIVE. Now shut the fuck up and make sure Blu straps up before he gets in your ass, again.

  • kyall

    dirt. anyone know the jacket he’s wearing lolll

  • ViZion

    NOT many can out rap Blu on any day

  • jay wow

    incase yall were interested.

    www. usershare. net / ce4o52f36pc1

  • red

    Wait there are people here who aren’t feeling this?
    What fuckin planet are you from?
    I feel like Blu’s is universal to those who love music.

  • red

    Many thanks to Jay Wow.

  • rudyru

    Is this a dream?

  • CliveStaplesLewis

    Calling all Internet geeks and hacker loners. Please rip asap….

  • 10

    video2mp3.net do it yourself

  • Fuck y’all(rofl)

    Don’t tell me about your homosexual fantasy you fag ass nigga.You mad bitch?

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    This shit is fucking dope!

  • so(ul)amazing

    Johnson Barnes >

  • Justin Herschel

    anyone have an mp3 please !!!!!!!

  • ghettoblaster

    Blus chill.

  • @CliveStaplesLewis click my name for the mp3

  • PootyTang

    LOL at Blu falling at the end #classic

  • 20illeven

    Just in time for the Seasons, Blu really needs to drop something next year I need some new to listen too, but this will do.

  • Jesus vs Satan who will win?

    @20illeven >>> co-sign

  • I’m a fan of Blu’s work (below the heavens, her favorite color) but as suggested by meka and the other dude up top who commented, I dont think this in particular is quality. Again, as dude said above, the quality sounds as if he recorded his audio on a laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy his music when it’s good, but theres a lot of stans who will declare something “dope” if it has his name attached to it. *spike lee voice* wake up

  • blair

    yo I don’t care about the quality of this joint. if anything the lack of quality adds to the rustic feel. + the video. man. this is incredible. i needed this. NoYork.

  • So glad Blu’s been dropping some material lately

    @hmm… How is blu overrated? If ANYTHING he’s wildly underrated

  • ck47


  • Mecha Shark

    Gif of Blu eating snow at the end. lmao.

  • Kyle

    damn blu is so creative. honestly like the only one who said fuck the game and is gonna make music HIS way, so different and dope still.

  • ChRiS.

    Blu is too sick with it.

  • I wish they would do another album together

  • blue

    “hmm…” = immediately leave earth. you are retarded.

    blu is the truth, you are silly dumb. its cool, he raps, you dont.

  • i forget who said it, but yeah. blu’s music is draped in truth. hard to find these days. if your hatin your like those who hated on tribe/dilla/common/roots/madlib. move along. this is our movement.

  • blair

    I swear. I cannot get enough of this joint and vid. literally come back here like 20 times.

  • JoJoThePieMan

    I don’t understand the comments here. I’ve been real critical of Blu’s recent music but this shit is DOPE. I’m digging the visuals too.. this video & the NotU music video give me some hope for NoYork. All that low budget techno rap garbage garbage quality audio bullshit had me doubting… and although the quality isn’t the best it’s better & Blu is looking back in form

  • JoJoThePieMan

    can i tell the story? … guts no glory… uh… yeah.. self explanatory… uh.. seasons…

    how can you not be digging this shit?!? this might be the best song i’ve heard from Blu in a WHILE. perfect timing too. lazy day off – mouthafuckin freezing outside – burn & relax. that’s what this time of year is/feels like to me

  • DisNigRo

    God All Mighty Jesus Christ Lord this is some Heavenly poetry. Blu is one of the best poets/emcee’s of our time.

  • DisNigRo

    You guys trippin off the quality? I think it fits Blu’s style perfectly. His musics sounds as if it could be played on a scratchy antique vinyl record player. It’s classic material.

  • YouMyBoyBlu

    The game blind, I played silly games and too many charades; maskless in this masquerade. Came, conquered, and never saw. Raising hell, hoping heaven falls.

  • 1

    This was defnitely shot in germany!:D

  • gregdeezy

    “Sun blacked out after the last bout,
    I hashed out all of my issues and put a mag out;
    crashed through the glass house, took the back route;
    I had to travel light speed to dodge that black cloud,
    raining on my parade,
    sun shining but there ain’t enough shade to hide, the game blind,
    I played silly games and too many charades; maskless in this masquerade.
    Came, conquered, and never saw.
    Raising hell, hoping heaven falls. I took an L but I never lost.
    Stepping off the axis, balancing the galaxy,
    realizing the facts I hid em behind reality.
    Casually I dress while addressing her majesty,
    flirting passively, the other palaces surrounded me once.
    Crowned king humbled down to the queen, gave my kingdom up.
    Became a mortal man, walking earth, seeking love.
    Once was me, but still believe openly, speaking it, deviant in this one form of poetry.
    Took leadership, raise selves just to coast the sea;
    obedient, never ???? once known to be me.
    Got free now they bumpin your dreams
    with a gold chain, pimp stripe, suit and cold name.
    Sweater under leather trying to tell that it’s a cold game,
    I don’t mean that it won’t change…the seasons.”

  • rt’s

    so pure
    just wonderful 2thy mind 2listen 2
    the essence of this things we call hiphop

  • JaySole

    On repeat. Blu rarely ever disappointments

  • Kim

    Thank you Jay Wow