• ace

    This is straight heat. Ridin' Roun Town is that Brandun Deshay shit! PEAS AND VEGGIEs!

  • ace*

    workin' hard tryna make it to the top rhymin, refrigerator empty, had to eat the top ramen

  • http://myspace.com/btmusic808 Kickdrum

    very dope.. quality shit

  • http://twitter.com/ilybookiexciv Lawrence Frazier

    This his best he's put out, he's really improved

  • Michael Crabtree

    "I just spit it from my heart, you nothin you fakin, yeah i said it you're dreaded like your mother's Jamaican"

  • lxlnethinglxl

    brandun deshay, woody, nero, dom kennedy... definitely checkin this out

  • Thomas

    anybody got an alternate link cuz limelinx blocked at my school


    Ill. Very ill. I just finished the tape. The production is at its highest quality yet. Veggies, man. You can't deny this one.

  • j-money

    The ceiling is so high for this young rhymer. Good shit from CV


    30, 000 is still awful though.

  • ace*

    30,000 beat is knockin', but i agree lol. it just doesn't seem to fit CV's style. It's just as bad as Based God crying over a girl in one of his songs

  • Rare Air

    Shit is too dope

  • http://oddfuture.com Tyler, The Creator


  • BeastMode

    OF niggas

  • http://www.49erswebzone.com/ Organic Cucumber

    golf wang

  • http://www.twitter.com/LAState0fMind WestCoastAggie

    It's better than I expected. I remember first hearing Casey V. on H.O.P.E.'s Dreams & Egos and I was somewhat impressed with the flow.

    Pretty decent tape. Definitely can spend some of these tracks early hours.

  • http://sortahuman420.blogspot.com/ SORTAHUMAN

    That Tyler Track BANGIN. Tyler snuck in ..OF ON 2DOPEBOYz

  • YoHandy

    Now you're ridin that OFWGKTA Dick...FUCK 2 Dope Boys!

  • Jose

    Dope ass tape...

    You can see the improvement

  • red

    What is the best Wolf Gang/OFWGKTA mixtape(s) to download. I caught onto the group really late and I don't know shit.

  • DickRidingPolice

    A blog posts someone who they have been posting for years, and someone who dissed them happens to be on the tracklist. Some guy reppin a rap group that he is not only not in, but doesn't know of his existence.. who is riding who's dick? Yohandy.. you can feel stupid....... now. & I'm an oddfuture fan.

  • haithere



  • http://oddfuture.com/ ace*

    @red: try Odd Future & Radical

    click on my name, they're all at the top of the page. (no this isn't a virus or anything, FREE EARL)

  • GoPhillies36

    @red: Download the Bastard mixtape by Tyler, the Creator. Amazing shit.





  • red

    @ ace

    Zshare never works for me, I click download the time timer starts again. Radical said download limit reached.
    I'll never learn the greatness of ODFGKTA

  • OFWG

    Golf Wang!
    guess they finally put some glasses on.....

  • Brocho Cinco

    This is dope and not what I expected from what I heard. I was told ODFGKTA only rapped about raping white bitches, robbing people, devil worshipping, etc. but I haven't hears any of that bullahit on this tape.

  • Popman


    EASILY best track on here, the dom track and ride around town right behind....

  • Complacent

    oddfuture random post but is the shit to bad 2dopeboyz dont post them i have to go to piegons and pleanes just to get it....tyler the creator bastard still get heavy play on the pod

  • Yoooooo.

    Man, fuck yall.
    Can't yall just halt the OF dick riding and commend Casey on a nice ass job? He did his thing on this.

  • http://oddfuture.com ace*

    @red: google search those mixtape names and try typing "mediafire" at the end of both the artist and the mixtape name. I agree with dude above though, Tyler's mixtape 'Bastard' is the best of all. And just keep in mind that this is the closest thing to a 21st century Nazi movement when you're listening to it..

  • milly

    he's only 17?!!
    we puffin like shake that's all swishes

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ YaBoyRampz

    If he keeps working this hard and improving he's gonna be incredible by time he's 20. Album is dope so far, production is very on point too.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/nickolasreid Nickolas Reid

    when someone gest this kinda praise on 2dopeboyz u gotta dl it.. lol. On this site if everyone ain't like "this mutha fuckas WACK" then you gotta check it out. HA

  • http://www.oddfuture.com Shit

    Casey Veggies and ODD FUTURE GOLF WANG KILL THEM ALL DON'T GIVE A FUCK got next ..

  • red

    What do you mean 21st century Nazi? I'm not so sure I want to listen anymore.

  • beatzu

    Casey and OF in the muthafuckin' house assholes!!!!!!!

    Muthafuckas wanna be ODD but THEY CAN'T BE

  • Henry

    why is everybody always talking about dicks and ass and fuckin' niggas on these message boards...i swear yall r closet man blowers.

  • red

    Alright, now I see what you meant about Tyler, The Creator being a Nazi.
    I was real baked checking out Odd Wolf for the first time last night and I don't even know what to think.

  • Wolf Haley


  • socal


  • http://cklitsie.com CK

    ^Word I need a re-up, completely missed this..