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Dawaun Parker – Schemin’

blame it on Shake December 13, 2010

Second leak off Dawuan’s upcoming EP, The Decision. Shouts to Mel.

DOWNLOAD: Dawaun Parker – Schemin’ | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Dawaun Parker – Lost (prod. Dr. Dre)

  • TRG

    Dope, Lost was a little better. But this is still a cool track.

  • a

    shit was live!

  • TE

    This is dope. People need to recognise.

  • this joint goes brotha.. dopeness.

  • damn. this dude might just become the next best rapper/producer in the biz.

  • Manick

    2Pac, Scratch, Pimp C, Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Eazy-E, Jam Master Jay, Rick James, Soulja Slim, Michael Jackson, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Proof (Of D-12) & Notorious B.I.G. could collaberate on a song & still none of y’all world hatin’ music dissecting pieces of not-to-God’s-impossible-standards-having pieces of shit’s worst diarheah comment having bitch made, waste of a perfectly good condom faggot fairies understand good music… Kanye… Tech N9ne… Eminem… Dr. Dre… Jay-Z… Lupe Fiasco… Nope!!!!!!!! Everyone on this site has NO respect for a masterpiece & this refers to the Eminem, Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Stat Quo & Ca$his song “Syllable”… “Suck A Dick Up ‘Til U Hickup”…
    BTW that was a post to draw your attention to this one, y’all think these guys are doing this just for u. They do it bc they love the art, not like most of the waste of flesh rappers out like the ones that actually ruin the art. Y’all kill rap cuz u wont support good rappers bc they’re not perfect. I’m sorry but Jesus Christ, Alah, Budda don’t rap! Support the ones that make it & maybe something will change… FAGGOTS!!! BITCH TITS!!! BUCK FUTTAS!!!