The Re-Up Gang Take Melbourne (Video)

Pusha, Malice and Ab-Liva hit Australia to perform tracks from Hell Hath No Fury.


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  • DayO

    i philopsize about glocks n keys, nigga call me young black socrates, west indies bitch drop to knees quick! (whaat?) with visions of being a rich mans bitch.

  • Billy Clint

    "sorry but i dont respect who you applaudin
    lil nigga flow but his metaphor is borin
    don't make me turn daddy's lil girl to orphan
    that would mean i'd have to kill baby like abortion"

  • wiff!

    sandman will never reconvene. they did him dirty.

    how you gonna come out with a group and not put everyone on the single? re up gangs single was a clipse single.

    fucking stoopid

  • DALI

    RE-UP ,clipse ,last name ever,first name greatest

  • FuckYouPayMe

    FINALLY, Malice and Pusha-T are sharing the same stage!
    RIP Sandman, though.
    Nigga was kinda wack anyway.

  • JustSaying

    Hell Hath No Fury is the Clipse best album #fact

  • WorDEmUp

    You can see that malice is tired of this rap shit. dont blame em tho

  • John Crotty

    I was at this gig.

    When they did "What Happened To That Boy", we got our T-Mac on.

    It was epic and she never called me again.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Liva needs to holla at Pusha to sign iCan cuz dude can spit and we can get a We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 4


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