Black Thought - Shade45 Freestyle

With a ?uestlove table beat backdrop, Black Thought laces the mic with some off the top heat before getting into a pre-written verse while on Shade45 w/ DJ Whoo Kid.

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  • meh

    what beat is that?

  • rell

    Damn, I really wish ?uest would spit a verse. Has he rhymed since Pass the Popcorn?

  • DG

    that beat Whoo Kid played was crazy. I don't know who's beat it is or what rapper spit over it already But Black just destroyed that shit fuck it it's black thoughts beat now

  • GHettoblaster


  • stompintom

    black thought is so underrated, top 5

  • YA_Already

    @rell ?uest rapped on one more Roots song I just forget the name..fuck! But yeah I liked what he spit on Pass the Popcorn that shit was dope.

  • Vigilante

    Some of that 2nd beat verse is from his Grindin verse.

  • brotherQualit

    @least he has the decency to say it's not off the top

  • How I Got Over

    @rell and YA_Already

    He was on "You Ain't Fly" from Do You Want More??!?!, still that's 15 years ago!

  • So what

    What beat is this? I saw some one posted it before but I Xed out of the page and I'm checking back now and it looks like either that douche meka or fag shake took it down


    As short as this was , this is a DOPE freestyle.

  • jnbavkjn

    PLEASE!!! Help me out... I NEED TO KNOW THIS BEAT!!

  • A

    WHAT BEAT IS THIS? please!

  • B

    It's SO good... PLEASE!!

  • Yeah, it's spectacular... what beat is this?

  • Euripidies

    Awesome beat, what is it?

  • Jonnie

    Add me to the list of those who need to be informed, what beat is this?

  • Yoko Ono

    I know music... I mean I was married to John Lennon. However... I don't know this beat.


    This shit is fire!! What is the original track for the beat?

  • Harris

    beat is Smif-N-Wessun - Like a Champion

  • Frodo

    Harris Ur the Man, Gud Lookin-


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