• Juice

    Hell yeah. Lil B is the shit. Nah I'm kidding. What is Common doing though? I want to hear some more of him.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com BillyClintisBack

    meka random ass ppl have been beggin u to put lil b up for ages
    i feel like his buzz has died down now..i think ppl stopped getting shocked by his faux gayness/gangsterniggotry/ blasphemy and just got bored of him.. the music has to deliver now...

    oh and redman i think he needs to have stopped agggeeesss ago.. he ran out of material to actually rap about a good 10 years ago. and this sound like a gucci mane/soulja boy song just with reggie noble on it

  • Cage

    dat nigga blanco is straight trash.... Dam, Red...

  • http://wrekroombeats.com WrekRoom Raul

    This song is wack!