Blanco - Boss f. Redman (Video)

Cookin' Soul will be the people behind the boards for the upcoming project from Blanco, Portrait of a Serial Killer, dropping soon. The irony of this is that Lil B (alongside Nipsey Hu$$le, Freeway, Gucci Mane, Dorrough and Mistah F.A.B.) is slated to make a guest appearance on the project, and some random-ass guy was essentially begging me to put more Lil B on the site. Well, there you go.

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  • Juice

    Hell yeah. Lil B is the shit. Nah I'm kidding. What is Common doing though? I want to hear some more of him.

  • BillyClintisBack

    meka random ass ppl have been beggin u to put lil b up for ages
    i feel like his buzz has died down now..i think ppl stopped getting shocked by his faux gayness/gangsterniggotry/ blasphemy and just got bored of him.. the music has to deliver now...

    oh and redman i think he needs to have stopped agggeeesss ago.. he ran out of material to actually rap about a good 10 years ago. and this sound like a gucci mane/soulja boy song just with reggie noble on it

  • Cage

    dat nigga blanco is straight trash.... Dam, Red...

  • WrekRoom Raul

    This song is wack!


Dipset's Reunion Tour Kicks Off in NYC

Last night, The Diplomats' Pledge Of Allegiance tour kicked off at B.B. King in NYC. With Funk Flex on the 1s and 2s – following opening acts Troy Ave, Fetty Wap and Chris Webby – Killa, Jones, Juelz and Freekey ran through the crews hits as well as their two new singles,  "Have My Money"

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