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Jamie Foxx – Yep That’s Me f. Soulja Boy & Ludacris

blame it on Shake December 15, 2010

Click for instant jealousy.

T.I. out, Luda in.

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Yep That’s Me f. Soulja Boy & Ludacris | Mediafire
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  • GangGang&J.E.T.S FOO!

    fuck jamie.

  • Glen Reynolds, B.A., M.Sc.

    I listened to this before I dropped my daughter off at school today, but I didn’t get a chance to burn it to cd beforehand. Anyway, she’s been feeling sort of picked on by one of the other girls at her school. I believe she’s part of the “in crowd”, too. I’ve been giving her daily pep talks, to no avail. Today, she was reluctant to get out of the car. Again. :(

    Suddenly, and I didn’t know where it came from at the time, I told her, “Hey kid, get your swag up, and you let them know who’s ballin”. She looked up at me with an expression that seemed to say, “Dad, you’re really dope” and just smiled. Then she got out of the car. And while I’m no expert, I’d have to say her swagger was probably on about 10. ;)

    I feel perhaps a debt of gratitude is owed to Jamie for that one LoL

  • ClubbersLikeTheWorstMusic

    Well this may invade the clubs, this is horrendous though.

  • !YUP!

    Is that Halle Berry? Fuck the song thats all i wanna know.

  • krsdaruler

    i know is dat her i think she is ???dammm look at em grab dat ass

  • Glen Reynolds, B.A., M.Sc.

    I believe that was at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards.

    Jamie and Halle started necking in front of the whole crowd. And on a nationally broad-casted event, I might add. That was a hoot. Jamie is a mack daddy.

  • yeah, it’s halle.

  • TehFookSon

    Fuck Jamie < co-sign

  • eBagatron

    Halle Berry’s Ass – Yep That’s Me ft. Jamie Foxx’s hand.

  • AreMac

    how ya gonna say fuck Jamie? give credit where it is due, he bagged a bad bitch, but let’s not forget, Hallie is a nympho….

  • verizonwireless

    Yup That’s Her. <<See what I did there?

  • hmmop

    fuck foxx

  • yep

    Ludacris. Never. Slacks. on. Features.

    Dude is the feature killer. Should win an award on that ALONE.

  • Glen Reynolds, B.A., M.Sc.

    Why all the disdain for Jamie here? I mean yeah, he’s not as funky as some other rappers, but he definitely had me jammin to this one. And his bros definitely had his back here with the added support. I thought this song was pretty blazin. :o

  • Luda Ripped this feature like all of his!!

  • glen thats a good story man….while putting your daughter swag on 10… u put yours on 20…. thats what being a parent is all about. good job….

    song cool

  • willie Allen

    I usually hate 2dopeboyz comment stories, but that was kinda dope lol. We should all tell our kids who ain’t got confidence a lil somethin like that.

    As for the song, I heard the old version and hated it…however, Luda KILLS this. So I might iTunes the album after all.

  • u all seem shocked this is old news

    oh and glen…u gotta b a lil more subtle with the trolling or ppl realise u are actually a troll. what u did yesterday was perfect.

  • I didn’t know the comment section was the place to tell people you don’t know your life story, MAN… WAS I WRONG! /end sarcasm

  • boston

    lucky bastard!!!!!

  • clint chudyk

    awww man i’m jealous….

  • yeah

    Yeah Glen you’re not funny anymore. Yesterday was good but now you’re clearly trying too hard.

  • who cares

    damn Jamie just took that shit like it was his own haha

  • YoungBuck

    not the first time T.I. got replaced by Luda

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    i wonder how many ppl caught that “It’s the Juggernaut Bitch!” line luda dropped…
    and LOL @YoungBuck! haha ice cold mayne