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Johnny Polygon – Wolf In Cheap Clothing (FreEP)

blame it on Meka December 15, 2010

After a few leaks and visuals, the doephouse and DJBooth-sponsored project by Johnny Polygon finally drops.

Johnny decided to go the independent route as a salute to the dying music business and the rebirth of a new one. His new EP Wolf In Cheap Clothing is the first batch of new music from Johnny since his critically acclaimed Rebel Without Applause which was called by XXLMag.com as “one of the more stellar releases this year.” The EP has straight club bangers, college pre-gaming jams and even some soaring pop love songs thrown in for good measure. Johnny doesn’t take himself too seriously and this EP delivers church giggles and hilarious one liners more than a few times. Maybe it’s because Johnny was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Listen for yourself.

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Johnny Polygon – Wolf In Cheap Clothing (FreEP)

  • A “George Clooney” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Late on his own sponsored shit!

    DJBooth.net had it online since last 7 hrs. I never complain on being late on other stuffs but you are sponsoring this shit. Do it right!

    Oh well it wont make a difference and artists will continue/have to beg both Meka & Shake to sponsor their mixtapes/EPs…. cos no doubt 2DBZ is no.1 site for hip-hop music.

    I know with great power comes greater responsibilities but this was a notable fault from you guys. No hate.

  • George Clooney w/ Batman & Robin

    Thanks for sharing, now shut the fuck up.

  • tokenwhiteguy

    well, A “George Clooney” Stan fka Answer Me!… I don’t think anyone’s too worried about a delayed release on the new Johnny Polygon.

  • Rezo

    Yo Johnny! Whoopi Goldberg called, she wants her hair back! Oh and BIG called to say he wants his lazy eye back right NOW! lol This guy is so wack I don’t even know how to explain it so I just have to mention his appearence haha

  • should be cool… wish it was a lil longer

  • BAP

    Slept on and underrated. Unfortunately for those who don’t appreciate music, you’re missing out!

  • p=

    Im kinda disappoint with this one too pop

  • XB

    he is great. his music is different and anyone his is different isn’t excepted

  • justjam

    This is absolute fire

  • Addi Vyf

    Dude.. judging an artist by his apperance is just stupid. Johnny is dope. Not to much stupid material gets put up on this site. Homie artistic. There isnt enough appreciation for originality nowadays.. SMFH

  • holdupni66asholduphos

    this doooood fly as fawk

  • Just because his music is “different”, it doesn’t mean it’s great. This guy is a fucking clown that 2dopeboyz seem to promote. This site is slowly turning into your typical hip hop site, except the bloggers are always on their period.

  • Damn jus 7 tracks?!? I expected a lil bit more than that =\ hope its worth it JP Rebel without applause was dope!



  • Lionnel

    Niggas prove how gay they are by trying to put Johnny down because he doesn’t look as “appealing” to them as Wiz, kill the homosexuality

  • Charles Hamilton

    Let him float

  • i fux wit this…

  • PJS192

    Having trouble with the download link, anyone got an alternative one?

  • Elijah

    Dude is humble as hell, and a mid west representer…. sound is original and ill…no one can really say they sound like Johnny in my opinion… And that alone speaks entirely for itself. BLACK PRESIDENT? How many of yall mutha fuckers were on NAS hook? My god. Yeah he got co-signs but he got them because of his potential and timelessness

  • JBroad

    Yeah link is bad

  • i see all the backpackers are mad their unknown rapper isn’t getting a post on 2db

    checking it out now, pretty awesome so far.

  • PJS192

    Just listened through the whole thing, it’s dope. Will definitely be looking out for more of his stuff.

  • Justin Herschel

    amazing album this is dude is the future of music, and the picnic tyme collabos are 100

  • jjj

    This fucking EP is genius. I swear to God anyone who thinks he is whack has just simply not listened to it.

    And his music isn’t “different” Its progressive. Its good. This is music.

    @ Stark. Fuck you dumb ass. you don’t know music.

    @Rezo whoopi golberg nigga? really? What the fuck have YOU done lately?