SeDrew Price - The Bridge

Day four, with one more.

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  • Rezo

    I am running out of adjectives to describe how amazingly wack this guy is, can anyone else think of some more?

  • Reeltalk

    Ubergarbo? but this is the best out of the others

  • Jay

    Your choice of the word "wack" speaks volumes about your own vocabulary and level of intelligence. Quit being a hater. SeDrew Price is the real deal.

  • let a hater linger... these niggas the ones buming the shit in their bedroom wondering what he said.... u niggas are the best and keep on downlading...

    "My world needs saving, guess I'm going green/ andrew bout them bucks like boguts team. " Are u awake?

  • Oh & for U hater niggas, tomorrow is ONLY gonna be another post.. So Im just as excited as you are!! FUUCKKAS! haha..

  • stupidgreedy

    rezo on every god damn page with something negative to say. Either someone is paying him like a youtube commenter or he a sourpatch kid