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Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow (G-Mix) f. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain

blame it on Shake December 16, 2010

You knew the Steelers fan in Snoop couldn’t allow him to stay away from this record.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow (G-Mix) f. Snoop Dogg, Juicy J & T-Pain

  • Patrick

    yo whats the deal with the beat from real estate? cause wiz went in on that shit yet it appeared on T.i’s album with drake as “poppin bottles”. both songs were dropped at almost the exact same time, someone explain

  • LonelyStoner

    cool remix

  • TayloredGee

    un huh u kno what it iz

  • dj

    Snoop aint no steelers fan..thts 20 crip nigga .lol

  • TPL$

    Track is cool shoulda had jeezy instead of tpain

  • rap bandit is back

    black and yellow are gang colors in long beach… shake doesn’t get a hood pass

  • was wack the first time, snoop and juicy j cant save it

  • sayWORD

    Weak. Eh at least Wiz is getting exposure and that’s always positive.

  • blair

    yo @Patrick. I knew I had heard that beat somewhere but couldn’t place where. Not a Wiz fan at all but spun real estate once. I’d imagine it’s TIP’s but I can’t say for certain

  • drakeisfake

    ive never seen rollin 20’s wearin black and yellow..and snoop is a steelers fan..y do u think he named his sons football team the pamona steelers..niggas is dumb

  • 386

    I fucks with Wiz on occasion, but why is Soulja Boy picked apart for his lack of lyricism when Wiz’s is only a little better, sometimes equal? I guess is the dudes voice, no homo, it’s chill as fuck.

  • Newman

    It’s a shame when a decent track & chorus are wasted on wack lyrics, whether it’s OG or remix. I SMH everytime I hear new snoop. T-Pain? Just no. Wiz always on the same shit too. Juicy J is the only one who came correct. Inspired me to throw on the old Three 6 Mafia records.

  • TPL$

    @386 wiz is dope mann look up star of the show tatll show u how dope he is!

  • orangec+unty

    that only took 38576597243792837013 years to remix..

  • Boy2Dope

    Snoop is a steelers fan though lol

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    snoop >>>

    juicy j is wack

    tired of this song though, no more remix’s !!!

  • Yeah

    @Patrick Wiz said that since him and TI are both signed to Atlantic that they get sent the same beats a lot so wiz spit sumtin on the beat but didn’t know ti got it too til recently

  • ^^tht must b annoying!

  • Rampage

    leave it to tpain to ruin the song

  • yurp

    wow that was just bad…

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Have Wiz 4got Bout His Indie Roots?? iMean Wiz was neva ah lyrical giant but had sum slick nice lines in his songs and then the beat did the rest by carryin him cuz them shits be bangers or smoove *pause*. But yeah this is trash, He shouldve called upon Curren$y, Big KRIT, & Kept Snoop. Wiz yo jus stay underground son

  • rap bandit is back

    @drakeisfake… i am from long beach… dumb shit… stealers… rolling 20s… black and gold…ever been here? probably not… cock snot

  • Mike

    nigga rolling 20s been wearing Black And Yellow forever. If you aint from LA or LB how would you know? Listen 21 Jumpstreet from Back in the day he was steady banging Black And Yellow and Raiders colors Insane 19, Tray Dee hood

  • red

    What the fuck Wiz? Didn’t you read my C-Section comments!? I said the remix should have Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain on it. Not Juicy J, T-Pain, and Snoop Dogg.
    And what kind of remix verse was that?
    Dude, I know you’ve been on tour for awhile and all the fame may be getting to your head but don’t leave your fans hanging.

  • k

    Tell Wiz to call up Johnny Juliano

  • zleard

    the version with snoop, game, and YG is soooo much better than this its rediculous. game had the best verse ive ever heard on this beat man. i know it wouldnt fit with the black and yellow theme because that was for purp and yellow but like snoops verse on this was still worse than purp and yellow


    Wiz Khalifa is OVERRATED. That nigga ain’t even from from pittsburgh, he from the suburbs and shit, on some Asher Roth/Philly shit… nigga just claim your lil suburb and keep it moving, and then you wanna act like you in a “gang”…Bunch a bitch ass kids with no direction SMH

  • KushUps

    Where is the Wiz that made Kush & Orange Juice

  • orangec+unty

    failure to anyone who plays it. this should be a disclaimer. serious. shit i haven’t..bahaa

  • whatupsucka

    I swear you blog kids hate on anything thats popular. Yall loved Kush & OJ (I never even heard it) and ya’ll wanna hate on him for this? Do you people even get girls? That shit makes people go wild in the club. I’m not mad at the song or remix at all. Stop listening to music on your laptop and go to places where MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO COME FROM.

    The internet’s the ONLY outlet in the world where people get mad at T-Pain going on a remix

  • yoyoyo

    man fuck those faggot ass haters…wiz killed it and did exactly what his fans wanted from him..niggas on dat bulls shit my pockets fulla celtics..he kept it real and straight how he is..fuck tha rest..your bitches clothes fallin like the leaves in the fall, aint worried bout your friends so bring em all

  • shane

    the purple and yellow song was much better.

    wiz”s new verse was good, snoops was 2 short, tpain went well with this song, and juicy was aight.

  • d-bo

    T-Pain is right up there with Drake, George Bush and 50 Tyson as one of the wackest peeps to ever do anything. Fuckin ruins everything he touches. Can someone please murder this fool already?

  • ratherdie then taylor gang

    t pain copying wale on the acapella part hahahaha wale killed it first n thats that!

  • Taylor Gang or fall asleep while licking your girlfriend’s asshole and wake up with pink eye due to poo particles making their way into your ocular cavities.

  • tokintopher

    the beat was given to wiz befor TI its not uncommon to hear the same beat used by more than one artist

  • BMM

    I expected snoop to get on this. I’m from LA (LB to b exact) and they do wear steelers shit. insanes wear raiders shit. 20’s and insanes don’t get along btw. all that’s on the eastside. and as far as wiz goes, he’s dope. but this song isn’t good. it’s single material which is what it’s meant to be. it makes sense his mixtape would b better than an album. no pressure. no overhyped expectations.