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Asher Roth x Nottz – Gotta Get Up f. D.A. (of Chester French)

blame it on Shake December 17, 2010

Second leak off Nottz and Asher Roth’s upcoming Rawth EP, dropping December 27th. Hit the jump for the tracklist.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth x Nottz – Gotta Get Up f. D.A.

PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Break Bread (prod. Nottz)

  • dope, i cant wait for the EP

  • yae

    asher is a fag

  • Max Green

    What happened to Dontcha Wanna Be?

  • Rec

    this is the kind of shit asher needs to do real hip-hop his debut was weak stick with some raw, ill shit

  • Shawnice

    Juiced about the EP !

  • jobie

    funny how asher is the opposite of what you’d think. people pegged him as a white poppy party rapper, now he’s making straight rap music. dude never gonna do big numbers but keep puttin out dope music.

  • Yeah I like Asher, just wasn’t feeling his album as much as his 2 mixtapes. Every track I’ve heard from this has been sick. Can’t go wrong with Nottz beats!

  • @ Max Green

    It ended up on Nottz album. If you haven’t check it out yet, his album is really nice.

  • the third ear

    Anybody else notice Asher be snapping with the wordplay lately? Dudes got alotta MC skills, imo had the best verse on the All City Chess Club track

  • Nicholas

    I love Asher especially lately his been killing everyhting and people still recognize his name with I Love College these people dont know anything.. .I once told a friend of mine to check out Asher and he said the guy from I Love College….? i was like yea he said that kid is a gay ass college rapper….

  • Dialekt

    Asher was dope before I Love College, then he fell off, but dude’s still nice, especially now that he linked up with Nottz.

  • 1opeboy

    The only people who wrote asher off are the people who were introduced to him though I Love College
    I’ve been listening since the Greenhouse Effect and I like everything he’s done, including his album

  • bmartins

    It really is sad that people write him off just because of “Bread Aisle”…he is one of the most slept on and hated (for no reason) in rap today. just check out his verse on con’s childish games and youll see why he’s so dope

  • asher spazzes. this is fresh.

  • XB

    fuck that. Asher is raw

  • Max Green

    Thanks Chi2LA23, I’ll have a listen.



  • Fat Boy

    Damn, can’t wait for that track with Rhymefest! should be crazy

  • danny_

    This shit is gonna be bumping all day.

  • Asher couldnt rap over these kind of beats on his first album?


  • Brocho Cinco

    Rawth is gonna be Roth’s best project to date, then he’ll drop a bomb with his album. The Spaghetti Tree will be a top 5 rap album of 2011, you heard it here first.

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    Ash Has Really Developed. He Used To Be Obsessed With The College Life, But Now You Can Tell He’s Maturing Because He Raps Are Becoming Real Complex With His Raps. Like In The I’m Beaming Remix, “My Aura Takes The Form Of The Aurora Borealis Or A Floral Pattern More Or Less, A Forest To Your Salad.” Roth Is Becoming RAWTH.

  • And Won

    Bread Aisle was a pophop album. It was what it was, he spit aight. I mean if you judge dude for ‘I Love College’ then base Cudi off ‘Day N Nite’. Both are pop songs, shit, ILC at least samples a dope song. Asher isn’t on the level of Cudi as far as an artist though, but he needs to do a non-studio album, some lyrical shit and some banging beats, no fucking pop shit. He should be able to I think he sold a few copies of Bread Aisle.

  • And Won

    “My Aura Takes The Form Of The Aurora Borealis Or A Floral Pattern More Or Less, A Forest To Your Salad.”

    yeah that verse, he can still spit

  • Jackson

    So whats the sample? I was never able to find out what it was from that Doom track.

  • Deft Lip

    This…this is terrible.

  • worst GOAT ever

    why do you guys always put the gay yellow borders around all the covers.. just give u the full 500×500 cover, no BS.
    or are you guys that big on e-credit?

  • meh…………. kind of wack

  • This is dope! Can’t wait for Ep.

  • orangec+unty

    from greenhouse effect to seared foie gras with quince and cranberry, roth stepped his rap game up! serious. he’s nasty. don’t sleep on him he’s showed real progression.

  • Peekay


  • triple h

    woah, Harry Nillsson sample!! wtf!?

  • I love to see progress!

  • 412

    Asher is so slept on. People assume is the college kid and thats his worst song. His mixtapes are always so solid.