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Ghostface Killah – Drama f. Joell Ortiz & Game

blame it on Shake December 17, 2010

Off Ghost’s upcoming album, Apollo Kids, dropping December 21st.

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah – Drama f. Joell Ortiz & Game

  • Casper Wordsmith

    See, thats the thing with Game: That dude need to shut the hell up, get some solid beats and spit over them. Good joint right here.

  • Tom

    i heard a fart @ 18 seconds

  • IllicitMC

    I am pumped for this album; but it needs to be promoted and pushed better.


    SUPER DOPE and GAMES verse , Crazy- The rap games top ten , how the fuck you gon forget Compton ?

  • Rio$

    downloading the album atm

  • Capitan Rivera

    booom good connect!

  • d-bo

    Ghost always comin real with his raps. Fuck y’all.

  • barney

    dope song other than all the farts in it.

  • Dawg

    Ghost always comin real with his raps. Fuck y’all. [2]

  • Black Ryu

    @ Tom

    The fart is real LOL

  • Cage

    This shit solid….

  • damn game was dope

  • D

    Game is spazzin right now.

  • miaow

    all three of them went in!!! game’s verse is suprisingly dope

  • Toney Starks never disappoints!

  • ghettoblaster

    game killed it….

    hope they take out fart noises lol

  • mbc280

    Ha for a second there I thought Joell was Trife. good song, Cant wait for the album

  • album leaked btw

  • Druggid

    Super dope. Game went it but Joell’s got the best verse in my opinion.


    Thanks guys for pointing out the fart sounds in the beat, Now while im playin this song in my stereo , all I keep hearing is the farts….

  • ML

    i love that the drums on this song are exactly like “Dear God 2.0” which is funny because both artists (the Roots and GFK) are on Def Jam.

    and Dear God 2.0 absolutely shatters this song. I don’t get it.


    Ghost also got another new song called TROUBLEMAKERS , thats Dope as fuck. Feat. RAE , METH and RED. 2nd wouldnt it be crazy if Meth dropped another Tical album like the last one ? Pray one it…

  • Fink

    Ghostface feat Emcee McFarty Pants

  • Fact

    wtf yall stupid, Joell killed it……. THEN Ghost…then Game

  • jd

    Been hoping for a leak from this album; was not disappointed.

  • How I Got Over

    This is really good. Everyone killed it, Joell and Ghost like usual. Game surprised me

  • davvv…

    Isnt the underlined beat from that Kid Cudi & Wale Song “Is There Any Love” ?

  • doublex

    ghost is always accepted, joell is too, game used to be but ill give him another chance

  • Lito

    Sean C & Lv produced this .. there is a video on youtube of mickey factz freestylin over the beat.

  • Seif

    @Casper Wordsmith: Word. All Game needs is a good beat and he’ll do good. We all know Game can still spit, he just needs the right producers.

  • ThaDankest1

    When does Apollo Kids drop??

  • 1

    did game said brazil?

  • Dow Jonez BFG

    they all did their thing, game used nas’s flow on this

  • dakid1212

    Ill shit.. everyone was tight but Game fuckin murdered it damnnnn

  • scott

    the fart noise is called a bass drop